I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I had a BLAST hanging out with the group that showed up for last Friday?s Coach Call.?

Bottom line:?I shared the power of identifying and experiencing your emotions. Because when we do?we create the capacity for more.?

What if the way to growth was simply learning to experience ALL of our emotions so we could move powerfully to the next version of ourselves?

It?s been true for me, it?s true for my clients. Especially during a year when the circumstances, the news, the twists and turns in our business and real lives are creating a lot of thoughts that create a lot of emotion. A lot!!!

How do you know if you?re resisting vs processing emotion??

Resisting emotion creates:

Procrastination–especially what you most want to work on.

Buffering with Food, Social Media or Worry Cycles

Moving fast, never pausing

Trouble resting, sleeping

Just can?t turn the brain off.

Processing Emotion is a practice, I?m finding, much like practicing yoga. The results and the ability to ?do it? are created by practicing this exercise over time.

10 minutes in the morning

  1. What am I feeling right now?

________________, _______________, _____________

2. Why? What are the thoughts that create those emotions?

List them in a download fashion:

  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________

3. What do I need to feel today? What does today require?

_____________ , ______________, _____________

4. What would I have to think and believe to create those emotions today?

  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________
  • _____________

If you?d love an example.?This is mine this morning.?

Distracted, grateful, rested

I feel like I have too much to do this week. It won?t fit into my calendar.

Even though I can?t be with my mom who turned 90 on the 31st, she had a wonderful celebration and we had a fun FaceTime with her last night with my kids. So much joy. But also bittersweet 🙁

A good night of sleep, my body & mind feel great

What do I need today??

Centered: I have 4 coach calls today. I am thinking of each client I?m coaching today and where I need to start our calls. ?I know where to start, I am thinking of their goals.?

Joyful/Creative: I?m ready to take breaks between my coach calls to walk/hike with my husband. To enjoy letting my mind think of my upcoming workshop and podcast.

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