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I feel like a had a roller coaster week.? AND it was ALL IN MY BRAIN!! My thoughts were playing ping pong!!

You?d think a mindset and life coach would always have a well managed brain.? Well??.I do manage my thoughts on a regular basis and I seek coaching when I?m confused but I?m a human so I wanna tell you I felt a lot of ups and downs this past week.

As I was making a big decision in my business, a decision to invest in a big way, I was surprised of my decision and Super Surprised that I was so calm about it.? And then the ups and downs began. I even had a phone call with a fellow coach and friend and I was all over the place.?

She stopped me and asked, how do you want me to help you?

I said you know me, you know a lot about the program I?m making a decision on, can you help me be clear??

And she did, by listening to me well.

And I tested the calmness, was I lying to myself just taking the easy way out and saying no to the investment.??

Then I tested all the feelings I was having, looking at what I would miss if I said no, what it would look like. I looked at what I?d gain by making some other choices.??

Then she said, you know you?re just going to have to learn to trust yourself in making this decision.

It was awesome to have 2 friends to lean on to process my angst. I love them for their support.

But you know what, I just had to get calm and quiet and trust myself in a really powerful way. I?d done the thought work, I knew what I really wanted to do with this decision and it was done.

Next time you are on that roller coaster, remember trust yourself with the decision.? Get quiet, take a breath, and ask ?What do you really want to do??

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