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For Brave, High-Integrity Leaders Who Want More.

You’ve created a successful business, which is fantastic — but something is off.

  • You’re working long hours, and things are going well, but there’s no time to actually do the strategic thinking and planning.
  • You’re reacting to the day-to-day and constantly overwhelmed with tasks, calls, and emails.
  • You’re starting to feel that running your business is a burden.
  • You’ve become a bottleneck and your team is frustrated.
  • Your confidence has gotten a little shaky around managing your team.

You keep wondering …

…where’s the time to think, rest, and get away so you can take a breather? 

… when will you find the time to plan that next bold business move?

…wouldn’t being fully present with your loved ones be wonderful?

You know that you can’t keep doing what you’re doing.

I’m guessing…

  • You’re feeling a bit stuck, and looking at other CEOs who seem to have it all together isn’t helping.
  • You’re sick of working 14-hour days and having no time left for yourself.
  • You know you need to hire support for your business but aren’t ready to loosen the reins.
  • You’re not spending enough time in your genius zone — that space where vision and creativity hang out and where you do your best work. 
  • You’re used to making quick decisions but feel like you’re in a stalemate.

It’s normal to struggle with the growth you’ve created.

You love your work but are seeing the cost. Something has to change. And let’s be real: some urgent demands are getting your attention — raising a healthy family, supporting your partner, aging parents, and, of course, your own health. 

You know you want to do life differently but don’t have the bandwidth and time to even think about it, let alone plan your next actions. 

Here’s the good news — you have what it takes to make this shift. 

It’s time to slow down so you can speed up. 

When you understand which obstacles to handle first, you can focus, make strategic decisions, take brave action, and prioritize your next move.

Return to the bold visionary you once were in your business and life.

  • All successful leaders and CEOs going through major transitions struggle with growth. I watch those who ’want to do it right’ by their families and teams struggle the most. They know that their choices affect others. 

    What would it feel like to…….

    • Have a safe space to process your all your anxiety and overwhelm?
    • Be confident you’re on the right path and stop worrying about your business all the time?
    • Create intentional space to ponder, process, and plan what’s next for your company’s future?
    • Dig into intentional leadership instead of putting out fires all the time? 
    • Focus on being the leader your team needs?
    • Spend more time with those you care about?
    • Surround yourself with other inspiring and experienced leaders?
    • Carve out time to focus on your well-being — even on a random Tuesday?
    • Take time off and leave your laptop at home?

Coaching conversations and strategic support will transform your whole game.


Diana Murphy, lady standing in blue dress outside

Meet your coach:

I’m Diana, the coach for CEOs and leaders who want to lead with integrity and heart. 

I thrive when supporting leaders who are 100% invested in themselves. I help them move from overwhelmed and fire-fighting to grounded, intentional, and strategic leadership.

I guide you to your highest vision with support and open conversation, laying everything on the table so you can see it right before you.

We do this together and we do it in 3 ways: 
  1. I’ll help you see the obstacles, resistance, and fear so you can see them for what they are — clearing the fog so you can step back into your leadership lane. 
  2. We’ll focus on the priorities you’re committed to and honor your values. 
  3. Next, you’ll see what’s possible when you make decisions centered in your desired future result. 

Get ready to fly!

Coaching creates the clarity and groundedness you need to support these next thoughtful steps. Having someone to brainstorm with who truly understands the challenges you’re facing and is an entirely neutral observer in the process. Someone who honors your big vision and helps you get there with more ease and clarity.

The work we do helps you step into the next leader-level version of yourself. 

Life & Leadership 1:1 Business Coaching is a 3 to 12-month custom-built experience. You’ll have the space, time, and support to make shifts quickly and with deep assurance that you’re on the right track. 

Your coaching experience is highly personalized to give you consistent, hands-on support when you need it most.

Coaching is for:

  • CEOs
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business leaders
  • And those making a pivotal shift — new role, new life circumstance, selling a business

If you’re like my clients who get the best results… 

  • You’re ready to shift personally and professionally.
  • You want to dig into how to get what you truly want.
  • You know you need to invest more time in tactical and calculated work.
  • You’re determined to scale while honoring your values.

You carve your own path.
You’re ready to prioritize EVERYTHING you want to create in your business AND in your amazing life.

Here’s what you can expect when we partner together: 

  • Grounded confidence.
    • A new lifestyle that supports what’s demanded of you.
    • The ability to make assertive decisions that honor your vision.
    • A business model that supports your life, NOT the other way around. 
    • A team approach that honors the uniqueness and genius of those you work with.
    • A new perspective on hiring and bringing in resources to support your journey.
  • More time in your genius zone.
  • Laptop-free vacations.

REST and adequate free time to process, think, and explore your next ideas.

Here’s what you get with Life & Leadership 1:1 Business Coaching:

  1. A personalized 1:1 coaching experience concentrated on your future vision, a healthy lifestyle of radical self-care, and a work-life rhythm that honors your values and the demands of your work.

  2. Weekly 55-minute Zoom calls where each conversation meets you where you are with a goal of moving toward your next shift. These regular calls bring you insight and practical tools you can apply immediately.


  3. 90-minute deep dive strategy sessions at least every 90 days.


  4. Private Voxer access throughout the week (a walkie-talkie app) where you can talk things out and get on-demand support during emergencies and tough days, and better yet, share your wins with me to make the taste of success even sweeter!


  5. Exclusive invitations to group events with other high-level clients and colleagues in my network.


  6. Referral support for any services you might need to grow and expand your business —the right books, contractors, networking groups, and assessments.

As your coach, I don’t have the answers for you. What I do have is a natural gift and refined talent to draw your big vision out of you and make it so clear you can see it. I’ll guide you to your next big step and support you every step of the way to get back on that powerful path to excellence.

    Honor your courageous vision for your future.

     The resistance is normal. I get that it all feels so risky. You’re entertaining new ways of doing things in your life that you haven’t done before.

    Take your power back.

    I’ll support you in making fast, smart, and aligned decisions to create the life and business you want. 

    It’s your turn to get the support and strong insight you need to fly again. 

    Investment is typically $2,000/month. 

    Many clients work choose to work with me longterm. Some choose to work together for short, focused sprints. During our initial call, we’ll design the best experience for your goals and needs.  

    I typically onboard two clients each month, so if you’re ready to fly, let’s chat.

    Take the first step toward your next transition, venture, or decision.

    Here’s how to get started:

    Step 1: Click the button below to book a time to chat about your unique situation and goals. You’ll also answer some questions.

    Step 2: You’ll get an email confirmation with our consultation call details and join the Zoom call at our scheduled time.

    Step 3: During our call, we’ll discuss where you’re at, your goals, and mostly about your dreams for the future. Not only the goals and dreams around your business but your real, every day and amazing life. I’ll answer any questions you have about coaching together. If we decide coaching together will take you where you want to go, you’ll get all your next steps, and we’ll get started.

    Questions before booking your consultation call? Simply send me a quick email: diana (@)

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