Diana Murphy

The Coach for CEOs

1:1 Personal Coaching
for Business Owners

Helping Brave, High-Integrity Business Owners Live Without Regret.

You want your businesses to succeed so badly that you’re sacrificing yourself in the process. While stepping into a new space is exciting, a million doubts are swirling in your head, like…

  • Is there something missing? 
  • You’re working really hard and don’t have the results you’d love to show for it — what’s going on?
  • You’re taking all the steps and applying new systems, and it’s leaving you disoriented.
  • Your company looks successful from the outside, but you feel like your confidence has taken a hit as you manage the growth. 
  • With all the balls you’re juggling, you’re ‘all-in’ on your business but don’t know how to be there for the rest of your life. 

So you resort to your go-to action — overworking.

The late nights and grind are wearing you down and you’re tired of spending another night buried in work wishing you had time for life. But if you’re really being honest, you’re afraid to let off the gas. You fear that if you take time off to rest, everything you’ve built will collapse like a house of cards.

You don’t know how much longer you can sustain this pace. 

It’s robbing you of time with your family, time with yourself — to sit, think, and be the leader you want to be. 

Your biggest fear: that you’ll wind up with regret — in your business, life, family. 

Something’s got to give. You can’t keep navigating business at this pace — you’ll drive the company and yourself into the ground.


Choose a braver way forward.

You’re at a growth point where business is full, and you just need the next steps to support your evolution.

The CEO role asks you to step up — you’re just unsure how to navigate this new territory. And you especially don’t want to get stuck working how you did in the early days building your business or in your corporate career. You built this business with full intentions of creating freedom, but it just didn’t happen. 

Imagine how great it feels to work smarter — not harder

  • You know deep down that you’re heading in the right direction — with a thriving business and the drive to focus on what matters most.
  • You’re unplugging on weekends and rediscovering old hobbies, friends, and joy.
  • You’re grateful for both your success and the impact you’re creating.
  • Your mind is clear because you have white space on your calendar and on your desk.

Become the brave visionary in your business and your life.

All thriving businesses go through big transitions. Together, we’ll clear the fog so you can see pure possibility and know where to stop procrastinating and take action.

With a coach by your side, I’ll help you anticipate and navigate your next big moves. Better yet, you will begin to see how trusting ‘your’ plan for your business is the one to bet on!

The work we do helps you step into the next leader-level version of yourself.

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1:1 Personal Coaching is a private, 6-month coaching experience designed to help you lead with authority and integrity.

Who this 1:1 coaching experience is for:

  • Business owners in a pivot (sale, succession, or new market) who are committed to excellence and creating a legacy. 
  • CEOs craving quiet time to think, plan, and be intentional about the next big moves
  • Powerful entrepreneurs who are ramping up to scale their business
  • Leaders of an integrity-driven business who want to do excellent work and change lives
  • Ambitious professionals leading and living with purpose and passion
  • Experts who are stepping into their full authority as they create a solo practice

    Press pause on the furious pace and purposefully lead a regret-proof life.

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    Meet your coach:

    I’m Diana, the coach for CEOs.

    I help you stop stretching yourself thin and start making progress toward wholehearted growth — for yourself, your teams, your clients, and your life.

    If you’re in a significant transition, I help you to stay grounded, effective, and calm as you make powerful, long-term decisions around your business’ future.

    Here’s what you can expect after 6 months of coaching together:
    • Confidence to run your business in a way that delivers massive impact to your clients and fits your life
    • Brave decisions and courageous conversations
    • Find more ways to work in your flow — you’ll love what you’re doing even more
    • Craft a confident vision for the next year and get personalized support every step of the way
    • To fully enjoy your vacation without a bit of worry without a worry in the world
    • Record revenue growth — and live to tell about it

    Even if you need to rework your business or take a hard pivot, I can show you how to get there.

    With a coach by your side, you get the strategy and the confidence to implement your big ideas.

    Here’s what you get with private coaching:

    • A personalized 1:1 coaching experience focused on your business goals, self-care, and creating an ideal work-life rhythm that supports your unique wiring.
    • Weekly Zoom calls where you continue to get insights and tools to support your growth. Our conversations focus on what you need each week to move through obstacles and stay on track with your vision and goals.
    • Flipchart strategy sessions when you need them for big decisions or planning.
    • Personalized Voxer access throughout the week (a walkie-talkie app) where you can talk things out and get support during emergencies and tough days and better yet, share your wins with me.
    • Exclusive invitations to group events with other clients and colleagues in Diana’s network.

    If you’ve tried coaching before, I’m different from the “show me how” coaches. I show you that you can do it your way.


    Doing it your way puts the power back in your hands and serves you in multiple areas of your life — for life.

    I see you as a whole, fully capable and amazing, brave leader. It’s time you did too.

    It’s the magic sauce to this leadership puzzle.

    You built this business for a reason. Let’s bravely build it back.

    Are you ready to take the first step toward a regret-proof life?

    Excellent. Here’s how to get started:

    Step 1: Click the button below to answer some questions and book a time to chat about your unique situation and goals.

    Step 2: You’ll get an email confirmation with our consultation call details and you’ll join the Zoom call at our scheduled time.

    Step 3: During our call, we’ll discuss where you’re at, your goals, and mostly about your dreams for the future. Not only the goals and dreams around your business but your real, every day and amazing life. I’ll answer any questions you have about coaching together. If we decide coaching together will take you where you want to go, you’ll get all your next steps and we’ll get started.

    Questions before booking your consultation call? Simply send me a quick email: diana (@) dianamurphycoaching.com.

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