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?Ruthless Boundaries? ? this term recently got my attention in a blog from a fellow coach. She spoke of her boundaries of self-care actually ramping up, getting more firm when her business & life was demanding more of her.

At your best

It got my attention. Does it get yours?

What is your consistent response when more is demanded of you in your life?

What goes to the wayside in terms of self-care: rest, fuel and exercise?

Let?s do this together by looking at this in our own lives.

What are 3 consistent ways you take care of yourself that you KNOW help your state of mind, and help you to function at your best level in your work and life?


What do you get too busy for when life ramps it up for you?


What effect does it have on you and your well-being?

OH boy, I?m having a bit of a light bulb moment here. This is what it looks like for me:


  1. Consistent Exercise (no more than a day off between workouts)
  2. Rest (putting myself to bed at 10:30 or so)
  3. Great fuel around for interesting/nourishing meals (shopping well & thinking ahead)

When I have a big business week:

  1. Cut my night?s sleep short (go to bed later, get up much earlier)
  2. Stop planning dinners
  3. More wine

And all I can think of here is: I?m planning a lot of fog!!! Less sleep makes you? foggy. More wine makes you? foggy. And the way I look at food, if it?s not mostly my favorite Fuel then it?s? you guessed it, Fog Eating.


Not really serving me when I need to be at my best, clear headed and full of energy, yes? Not doing much for my business or my well-being when I?m actually attempting to be more productive. It feels like sabotage.

How on earth do we stop this craziness?

  • Get clear about what works for you with the questions above.
  • Realize it might feel counterintuitive to take actions. (ie more sleep when you have more to do)
  • Practice one of your non-negotiable actions especially during a busy week

Share what you’re learning with someone who cares about you and let me know what comes up for you!!!

Until next week,

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