I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I have been coining a phrase in the past few weeks called the Jen Effect (my organizer who has CHANGED our spaces with her genius and personal labor); then there is the Shelter In Place Effect where we are learning to live in ALL the spaces in our home.  

Now a Peloton Effect, whether you love it or not, this brand has had an effect on all of us.  I knew a few years ago, I wanted to incorporate more cycling into my life.  Back issues kept me from my FAVORITE activity–5K’s and 10K’s..  

Something happened on the day we ordered our Pelotons.  We immediately went to work (and had a lot of help from our favorite builder) creating space for our equipment.  Cleaning out and planning.  

And what was so curious is I found myself shifting and mentallly preparing for my bike delivery. Even getting ready physically.  Without my gym routine (and me not figuring this out in CoVid) I was not getting my sweat time in.  So, the Peloton effect began.  I joined my husband in more classes.  I used his treadmill, I started planning my week around workouts.  

And when that bike came, 79 days of waiting ugh, I was ready.  I was all in, couldn’t wait to be part of the community and to give myself this powerful resource (sweaty, community workouts!!!).  I even work out in the mornings now (unheard of!!!). Yup there is a Peloton effect for sure. 

What is your effect?  Where do your clients make shifts after and while you work together?  Look for it.  THIS IS YOUR MAGIC SAUCE my friend. THIS is how you grow in 2021 and don’t work harder.

There is a Diana Effect.  My clients are calming their minds and dropping into their zone of genius more often.  They are learning how to manage high stress, full calendar days and leading them with powerful intentions.  Their revenues were a surprise to them even!!!!  SO fun!!! And they are learning to take time off and care for themselves in THE BEST WAYS.

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