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Holiday season overwhelm

How do we stay out of overwhelm and keep it all together this time of year?

This is a tricky time of the year for me. I always leave the Thanksgiving weekend relaxed & peaceful. I?m determined to savor and enjoy the holidays. However, by now, I?m needing to do some serious self-coaching to keep myself in that relaxed and peaceful mode.

I?ll be rocking along just fine until? I change my mind and entertain these wonderful thoughts (sarcasm) that rob me of that relaxed ?in the moment? feeling.

Here?s just a small sample:

  • I have too much to do
  • I don?t have enough time
  • I am worried about how Christmas will go
  • I hope the weather is safe for travel
  • I forgot that deadline was coming up
  • I haven?t started shopping yet
  • I don?t want to ___________

Why would we even fight this and try to turn things around. What difference does it make? It?s perfectly normal to feel stressed this time of year. Yes, but it?s totally optional, my friend.

When I feel present, authentic, checked in with my bod? so much good happens:

  • I rest when needed
  • I feed my body well
  • I meet deadlines
  • I get a lot done
  • I don?t overeat
  • I have fun working
  • I enjoy the festivities
  • I feel free (not burdened) to love my family

Try this series of questions the next time you feel overwhelm, and your body and your mind start spinning and reacting to what is going on for you.

Does it serve me to think and feel this?
Am I willing to let go of this thought and others like it?
How would my day be different without that thought?
Can I think of something else to tell myself that is kind, compassionate and loving?

Why not take me up, right now in getting some effective coaching to turn those negative thoughts around. I?ve opened up my calendar for just that purpose, yes even in December!!! It?s my holiday gift to you!!!

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