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My journey of weight loss has actually been a joy, really, of course it didn?t start off that way. But it has brought me to a beautiful place and has taught me so many beautiful things.

It started when I had that moment, saw a picture on Mother?s Day and knew I had to do something. I was ashamed and so disappointed that the efforts I had put towards losing weight just hadn?t worked. I understand the disconnect now, I was doing things to my body and it wasn?t responding. In fact, it felt like no matter what I did, I not only wasn?t losing weight, I was gaining (or was the dry cleaners shrinking my clothes?!!!)

Before and after losing weight

Why did it work permanently this time? As I look back I think I?m beginning to have more answers to that question. Before I even knew of ?thought work? or the Self Coaching Model from The Life Coach School, I really did start changing my thoughts. One by one as I looked at the way I was doing food and exercise I tried some new ways of thinking. These are a few:

  • Maybe I can?t eat just like my growing boys and active husband
  • On my first vacation away: maybe food isn?t the focus of vacation. Maybe it doesn?t make me that happy
  • I love what I?m eating for breakfast, I?m going to make sure I have that on hand, even out of town
  • When I?m invited to an activity like walking or cycling on the beach, I?m going to say yes (even if I ?worked out? this morning)
  • I hate Monday morning weight gain, what can I do to enjoy my weekends without overdoing it?

All of these thoughts created new action in my life and gave me the results I was looking for. It didn?t happen all at once but because for once my intention was to get to the bottom of the issue, the WHY of the overeating. It unfolded more naturally.

But there was a key element that was SO different, I stopped fighting against my body and learned what worked AND I stopped acting like a drill sergeant in my mind. This has been a gift to myself that has been long lasting and has been quite a journey.

What I really did was drop the ?WEIGHT? of all that heavy thinking.

Ready to drop the ?weight? of all your heavy thoughts? Bring me just one facet of weight loss that has got you down and let?s work that one solution on a quick call. Schedule your Breakthrough Mini Session right here. No obligation, this is my gift to you.

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