I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I?ll never forget the moment at a recent retreat. We were moving from goal setting to action steps and looking at how we use a calendar. This awesome business owner, wife and mom pulled out her calendar and asked, ?OK, how do I do this life over here, My Business and then my other life over here, My Personal Life? It took the breath out of me. It was such a beautiful and powerful question.

Marbles - One Life

We have ONE life. Although many of us are great multi-taskers, we still cannot do two lives at once, we?re given one and one to live well.

Picture a marble jar, all the marbles are the same size except 2 or 3 that are almost golf ball size. These large marbles are where you are investing your energy, time and passion.

So, you might ask the question, how do I squeeze losing weight into this one life without taking precious energy & time from another very important area in my life?

You don?t.

You must make it a large marble & put it in the jar first.

Then after a time, when:

  • mindful eating becomes natural,
  • you?re in your groove on moving your body,
  • you love the body you?re in,
  • you learn to feel what you?re feeling instead of overeating,

The ?Losing Weight? marble becomes a normal size (just like your body).

The beauty of it, another marble, maybe something that you?ve been putting on hold, can FINALLY become that larger marble and get your needed attention.

If you?re ready and can?t wait to try a new approach towards weight loss, one that isn’t about deprivation or extreme exercise, a program that helps weight loss to become a regular sized marble…

…it?s time to have a conversation and see if this is for you.

Click here, I?ve opened up a few extra spots.

It?s time to turn the hope that you can lose weight into reality.

Until next week,

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