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On the Fence?

I had a blast this past week working with my amazing photographer/graphic designer/new friend and shot some great photos. Here?s one of them. We both laughed as we realized that this photo might be fun to tie into a blog. So here goes!










Fence sitting in any particular area of our life, is a JOY STEALER for sure. If you?re wavering on making a decision to do something or not, there is a lot of emotional energy being spent fretting about it. Why can I so clearly share this concept?

There have been just a few (Uh, many) times in my life that I have been a fence sitter.

It sounds like this.

?I?ve been thinking about doing _____________ someday.?

?I wish I could get _________ done.?

?I wonder if I would be able to do that??

?I really wish I had enough time to exercise?

?It would be cool to run a 5K someday. ?

?I wonder if I could do that someday.?

?Wouldn?t it be awesome to lose weight like Sally.?

?I can?t wait until I get the house in order so I can feel organized.?

For me, I used to say all the time, ?I want to be that 90 year old woman that works out at the Y.? Funny thing, I wasn?t even IN the weight room or doing any form of consistent activity when I said that.?? Seriously? Why was I just wishing?

My breakthrough came when I admitted that I thought exercise was always going to be painful now due to my age. Really? ? I broke through my own resistance by admitting what I was thinking and deciding to start slow. My first workouts were stretching and very restorative, then I just kept trying new things, sometimes failing, but kept moving and engaging in activities that?I liked. I?m pretty active now and pretty sure that I?ll be that 90 year old in the weight room!!!!

Try these steps:

  1. Watch your words, stop wishing and admit what you?re thinking. Write it down. What do you want?
  2. Think of 3 baby steps to move forward in a that direction
  3. Follow through because it feels great to show up for yourself.
  4. Feeling resistance? Pretty common, just ask why? Write down your answer. Is it worth stopping because of that answer? If not, try one of the 3 ?baby steps above and see how it feels.

Where in your life are you stuck, on the fence? Where are your words of wish, I should, I better, I hope landing. Which wish, hope or dream is the most important to you. Try the steps above.

If you want more support, especially with weight loss, be sure to Sign Up on my Calendar for a Free Power Mini-session.

This is a little coaching and a chance to answer any of your questions. ?The session promises help you reduce overeating and develop a wise made for you plan to get started. ?This is not a sales call, it is my gift to you for sure!!!



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