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My relationship with Monday?s has always been a complicated one. How about you? What are your thoughts, first thing as you wake up on Monday mornings? There are seasons I can look back on in my life where I loved Mondays (mostly as a student). There were also seasons where I resisted (at home mom with a husband on the road).?

As I became a business owner in this recent season, my thoughts about Monday have been all over the map. As I have become a better navigator and manager of my thoughts, I realize how much power I have over how my week rolls. I can enter the week resisting the calendar I have chosen or I can embrace and welcome it.?

Sometimes it is that simple. I?m reminded in these times of CoVid quarantine (I?m on day 116 of SIP–Just Wow) and civil unrest in my city and across the country, that I can take responsibility for my feelings about Monday. And to be the leader, the wife, the friend, the coach I want to be, taking responsibility is key.

There is a practice I have let drop to the wayside that I?m bringing back.

Perhaps this will help you this week after a holiday and next Monday and the next??.

  • What are you feeling about your week??
  • Why? What are your thoughts?
  • What would you love to feel this week?
  • What thought, what shift in your thinking would you have to make to feel that way?

For me, today?…

I?m feeling anxious.

I am not sure how much longer I can take the stress of CoVid and the news surrounding events in my city. I think my bottom line thought is,??This is not going to end well?. Thinking this thought is making me feel anxious and helpless.?

I would love to feel more engaged and helpful this week. When I get anxious I pull back from things and recede. This is not helpful to my husband. I want to do better. I do realize I also pull back from my business and the great ideas I want to implement when I feel this way. This creates procrastination most days.?

I want to feel aware and grounded.

Yes there is a lot to process but ?I know I can handle it?. ?I can give myself space? to process emotions and ?I can keep moving forward?.

This intention, these thoughts feel realistic and productive for me. It?s perfect for this week. As I plan my calendar, it reminds me to create margin between events and time to walk and do yoga. AND to be available to be a good partner for my husband.?

I want to be aware of the news but not consume it more than 2 small doses a day. And now take 10 minutes every morning to do this shifting and reminding myself of my intention for the week.

What would it look like to shift your Monday, literally in the first 10 minutes of your day??Don?t linger in this. Let your mind flow from where it is to where you?d like it to be. Imagine a month of mornings stopping for 10 minutes and reminding yourself of your intentions for the day/week.?

How was your Monday? A dose of anxious moving into grounded awareness, thank you!!!!?

And that is the work, that is the finer nuance of mindset. Small realistic, intentional shifts taken every day to create the emotions and thoughts that work for you, not against you.

Have a great week, my friend. The struggles are real, be kind to yourself as you navigate this amazing journey we call life in a pandemic and awakening!!!


I?m creating a Podcast, just for you every Monday. Stay tuned for details. What would you LOVE to hear in a podcast format? What would support you the most? I?m creating it for you!!!! I might even have a name contest?

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