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I had an experience this past week that I just couldn?t wait to share with you.? And I bet you can relate.

I had planned a day out with friends and my retreat/coach partner.? We call it Fun Friday.? I had 2 venues in Atlanta that were on my bucket list and had invited clients/friends to join me.

So what was happening on Thursday that I didn?t want to go.? I?d been looking forward to this day for a while.? All I could think of was what I could ?get done? if I stayed home: a tax worksheet that was overdue, bills, clean my office, follow up calls.

As our gang started checking in on the details and where we’d meet, I realized this event was really going to happen. I better follow through.

As I walked out onto Centennial Olympic Park, I almost gasped at how beautiful it was.? Our first day of cooler air and crystal blue, gorgeous skies was breathtaking.? And everything that we had planned that day was amazing.

We attended the Civil Rights Museum and the experience personally was very humbling and emotional.? To watch school kids learning about the history and taking it in was something to see.? Then we were off to lunch.? My friend Mary Ellen had done her homework and we were off to Aviva by Kameel.? A restaurant in the Peachtree Mall.? What?? How could THIS be the best restaurant in Atlanta?

From the moment we walked into the restaurant we were treated like treasured guests and family and we couldn?t believe the hospitality.

Check out the photos…

why-out-of-office-days-are-so-importantKameel is something special, we were nourished by his amazing fresh, Mediterranean food and his love for his customers.? He even brewed us a special coffee to go with our dessert. THIS lunch was priceless!!

Then off to the Ferris Wheel.? I had a ticket as a gift for Sky View and I couldn?t wait to use it.? There were several in our group that weren?t too keen on heights.? No matter who went on the ride, I was determined to experience this even if I had to go it alone. As we all walked up to the ticket counter I realized everybody said YES to SkyView, yay!!! ?Again, gorgeous day and amazing experience.

As I rode the ferris wheel I felt like a kid again and watched in admiration my friend, Mary Ellen, coaching and loving on one of our friends who is extremely afraid of heights.? Mary Ellen kept her attention with a fun story and a great ride was had by all.? The best part, showing that woman how high she had been when we walked a few blocks away. ?”You did that!” She smiled in pride.

As we all walked back to Centennial Olympic Park we were just glowing.? No one could rob us of our smiles.

THAT is why you take an Out of Office Day my friends.? I know now that I experienced a pretty special day and it was that for several reasons:

  1. I honored my commitment to myself see these bucket list venues.
  2. We invited people we care about.
  3. We brought a new friend and she met her twin separated at birth.
  4. We trusted the Yelp reviews and went to the BEST restaurant in Atlanta.
  5. We were encouraged by each other and loved on by a special host, Kameel.
  6. We ALL followed through and did things that were uncomfortable.
  7. We took a breath, stayed present in every moment of our day out and it was delicious!!!
  8. We were energized, encouraged and revitalized by taking some time away from our busy lives.

Don?t miss your life, take time out of the office.? Honor your desire to get away and spend some time doing something you love or want to experience.? You?ll NEVER regret it!!

That work I left at home?? Finished what was urgent in 20 minutes and was off to enjoy an evening out with my husband.

Not sure how you can squeeze even another minute into your day? Feel like you’re riding on a hamster wheel. ?Let’s get on a quick call and prioritize YOU…so you can spend some time doing something you love or want to experience.

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