I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

People will tell you to leave your work at work so you can enjoy your weekends.?Since our brain doesn?t live at the office,?it can be SO difficult to mentally get away from our work. I have had a very difficult time stopping the constant flow of ideas, to do?s, and solutions that run in my mind ALL THE TIME.?I?m learning, I?m helping my clients to learn. Let me help you see what?s happening so you can learn.

Why is it so important to take time off??Your brain needs the rest, our body?s need the rest, humans are wired for connection and hanging with your family, friends,?and loved ones. It?is key for your emotional health. It restores us.

OK you know why.?But knowing why R & R is important,?isn?t really enough. Because if it was, we?d be doing it already!!!! Like eating all of our green vegetables.??

One of the key reasons we do not enjoy our time off or find it difficult to do so, is we are afraid.?There is some sneaky thought in your mind that if you don?t check your email, if you actually think about something else,?it is all going to fall apart.?I know I sound dramatic but it is just your brain. Your mind is believing a thought or two that creates that low grade fear that creates that hustl-y,?busy brain feeling.?Some of us call it spin.??

When you feel that way most of the week, you might look busy but you?re not as productive and not taking action on some of the hard things, the more important things, the risky things. This type of work does not create great results.??

Then, when we bring those feelings into the weekend, it is hard to relax, we feel mildly agitated and it?s hard to just wind down and relax.?THAT?S why doing some work might feel better. Work in this situation can actually be a buffer or a way that we calm those agitated feelings.??

What is the solution??For the sake of offering a quick solution through this article, I?m going to give you the bottom line.??

When we are WORRIED about our business we are in scarcity, when we are GRATEFUL for our businesses and life we are optimistic, we are in abundance.??There is a very simple way to create the feelings of abundance. Gratitude naturally creates abundance. It?s been studied. When we practice gratitude we create hope, creativity, and calm.?We can sleep at night, we think of better ideas. We might even work an hour on the weekend but we are present, grounded and available to our loved ones.

Wanna give it a try? I guarantee this really works.??

CLOSE YOUR WORK WEEK WELL:?Before you close down your work week.?Journal 3 things that you are grateful for during that week.?Anything that comes to your mind. You can use your daily planner or calendar.?Before you head out, STOP and note what you?re grateful for.

TO SLEEP BETTER:??Every night before you turn out the lights. Get your journal and write down:

  • 5 things you?re grateful for
  • 3 things you were good at during the day.
  • 1 thing you?d like to tweak or do differently tomorrow.
  • Bonus round.?What is one Bold Ask you?re going to make?

Have a GREAT weekend!!!

I?m grateful for you, that you take time to read my articles.?I?m grateful for a fun dinner out with friends this week and that my neighbors want to take care of our dog during our vacation.?How sweet is that???

Now it?s your turn, what are you grateful for this week??

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