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Today I want to talk to you about napping.? If you have a private office, you work at home or can nap in your car, napping might just be the trick to getting some rest.? If you have young children, you travel, even with your best intentions, your sleep is going to get interrupted.

Why would you want to take a cat nap siesta,?a doze,?a lie-down,?(a/some) rest,?a little rest;?

Look at the advantages to napping:

?Just Six minutes: This is enough to trigger effective memory processing (clearing out short-term memories to free up more space), a German study in 2008 found.

?Twenty minutes: This will take you through the first two stages of the sleep cycle, slowing the heart rate. This will enhance alertness and concentration and elevate mood.

Even if you don?t properly fall asleep, lying still and calming your mind will still be doing you good, says Dr Narina Ramlakhan, a sleep therapist at London?s Capio Nightingale Hospital. She says a 20-minute ?power nap? (more like the deep relaxation you achieve at the end of a yoga or Pilates class than a proper sleep) works just as well.

Forty minutes:? If you didn?t sleep well last night and need a boost in concentration, a 40-minute snooze should mean you pass through a period of rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep, which is when the brain undergoes the important tidying-up and clearing-out process.

This article certainly got my attention, what is your experience?? AND let?s bring it back to our theme, do you need some courage to take a little cat nap?

???????? What is your opinion of napping??

??????? Are you afraid of what others think??

??????? Do you think it?s lame to nap or a sign of weakness??

?This is once again where our beautiful, fast moving brains MIGHT be a mini roadblock in the area of taking great care of ourselves.

Let me give you something else to think about: ??Could your craving for something sweet, or your running to the snack room for a little something (even though you?re full from lunch) might be your body asking you to get a mini recharge.

I?ll be honest, I?m not much of a napper but after reading this study am going to honor my sleepy signals in the afternoon and see if just closing my eyes or getting on my yoga mat might be a great mental break.

A Little More on Rest

4 Surprising Benefits of Rest

  1. Access Bursts of Inspiration
  2. Meet Your Non-Work Self
  3. Lose Fat & Feel Less Hungry
  4. Be a Better Problem Solver

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