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I have a body hate problem, do you? Well, I did. I had a part of my body I had been hating on since I was a young. I hated my inner thighs. I hated, resented, cursed at, wanted them removed type of thighs.


Whether you?re a guy and you grumble at yourself when you need to let your belt out a notch or a gal and you curse your tummy when your pants are a bit tight, it isn?t working for you and let me tell you why.

When we say hateful things to ourselves, we are listening. We set ourselves up for some kind of day starting that way. When we talk hate to ourselves as we start the day, we create some crappy emotions. And I know from experience food and all sorts of other vices can be a beautiful tool to soften the blow.

How about we start the day a bit wiser and kinder? You are so much more than your body and its parts. How about looking at how that body IS working for you today? Those thighs, they get you around pretty well. That tummy, remember your gut instinct? Yep that?s a good thing. How about the beautiful way you carried those babies in your tummy? It might look a bit different in how we say it if we?re a guy or a girl, but it pays to be kind to the amazing bod we?re in.

Next time you get a glance of a body part you?re dissatisfied with, show it some love and see how your day goes. I know the majority of my days have gone better since I started paying more attention to my ?hate? talk.

Intrigued? Think I?m crazy? Take me up on a mini session to wrap your beautiful mind around loving your body again. It really is possible and perhaps it?s the key to dropping the weight after all this time.

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Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who?s the fairest of them all? You are!!!! Have an amazing day!

Until next week,

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