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After the events of the weekend, in Atlanta, AND all across the country, I cannot think of a more important time to be powerfully in control of our mindset. And when I say mindset, in this regard, I mean being able to handle the vast array of emotions and experiences we all had this weekend.?

Our capacity for such a wide range of emotion is downright fascinating. I don?t think I?ve ever seen it more dramatically than this weekend. I don?t think I?ve cried more, laughed more or gasped more in 72 hours ever. I?m pretty exhausted this fine June 1st of a Monday. You?

I did NOT want to go any further into the week without sending a note to you. In so many ways I?m at a loss for words. I think as a country we should be. Violent protests not only were happening on TV in my fine city, but it literally was in my backyard, my neighborhood. My heart is broken in so many ways.?

I?m taking a pause here?…This is what I see. Human resilience is pretty damn amazing. I want to feel better, I want all of this CoVid and racism and heartbreak to stop???.but running from it to feel better is not going to help.?

Resilience is one thing (being able to handle what comes our way and not cave). But I am finding in this unique and challenging year we?re calling 2020 that I want to come out of it whole hearted. I think that?s going to take more than just learning how to manage my thoughts.?

There are 3 practices that I leaned into this weekend and they helped me so much. I hope it can provide a reminder if you are struggling like I am.?

They are powerful practices but also very simple and I was thankful for them.?

  • I dropped into the present moment often.?Every time I was around my loved ones, or others I focused on them, what was at hand and stayed engaged. It felt so amazing to have some pretty special conversations and experiences with others as we processed the news and loved on and supported one another. It helped me to enjoy the SpaceX launch and docking, to engage fully in a fun Zoom baby shower, to be there for my mom when her friends told her about the looting and rioting in Atlanta. It helped me to stop feeling helpless when I just was there for those in my presence or myself in the quiet.?
  • I did NOT ignore self care.?Now I might not have showered as often or worn real clothes HA HA!! But I could not be more thankful for the workouts online and the special care they take in their yoga and workout classes. THEY are so present and that helped me to be IN MY BODY for at least those 45 minutes each day on Sat. and Sun.. Also, since my nerves were rattled and didn?t sleep well on Saturday night, I took that much needed nap (not my normal go to).?
  • I did my thought work and I allowed my emotions.??When I was feeling miserable, I questioned it. I identified the thoughts often so I knew what my mind was believing. I also allowed all the feelings that come from watching the news. I didn?t resist it because, I don?t know about you, I think the best way we can honor racial injustice right now is not run from the emotions we?re having. I leaned into what I was feeling and let it flow instead of ignoring it. (thus the need for a little bit of resting and self care and yoga!!!)

Coming out on the other side of these events in ways that we are proud of as humans and as business owners, will take the brave work of admitting what we’re feeling and deciding how we want to show up. I know that MUCH is being required of you today. But I see you, and I know you’re up to it.?

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