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Got an email from a client yesterday, she shared what was going on for her, where she thought she was on track and where she was struggling. ?At the end of her email she shared “What I?really want to be doing is: ?Meditation and Chocolate. ?When I wrote her back I asked her, “So…….. why aren’t you meditating and eating chocolate?”

She immediately wrote back, “well I guess I thought the meditation was ok, but not the chocolate! ?You have kinda freaked me out and I like it. ?I’m just gonna roll with it and feel and see what comes up.”

What if this new way of taking care of ourselves, the key to losing weight was really as simple as ?Meditation and Chocolate? ?When we slow down, ?breathe, tune in to our body’s needs and also give it a little bit of fun (i.e. the chocolate) THAT my friends is where the magic begins in permanent weight loss.

What if it wasn’t about Strength Training & Spinach Salads but it was about Meditation and Chocolate?

What do you crave for yourself?

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