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There are a lot of cool people sharing quotes and mantras on social media. I love them. They are usually a beautiful reminder that we have a choice to think what we really want to think. They can really reframe how you?re thinking about your day. But sometimes, they just don?t stick!!!!

Why not?


When I?m working with clients and they identify some ugly thinking or an ugly belief in their mind, they want to get rid of it right away. They have the power to let it go for sure but sometimes it just isn?t so easy. No matter what they do, thinking a positive thought or mantra to turn it around doesn?t always stick.

What?s up with that?

Let me explain what I suspect might be going on. Our mind works at a quick pace and entertains several conversations in our head at once. Many of those conversations live in that automatic part of our brain and we don?t always hear them.

Mantras live in the intentional part of our brain and can work so well to create a great feeling and set us off on a great day.

However, the background conversations can get REALLY loud. They usually get loud, or triggered when we have a disappointment or are a little nervous. It might be when a harsh word is perceived or a conversation doesn?t go as planned.

Why doesn?t the Mantra win here? Why does this noisy, ugly background thinking get a voice when we need the Mantra most?

I like to look at it this way. Our brain sometimes takes on some ugly thoughts, thinking it is protecting us. Those thoughts basically get rehearsed much of our lives and raise their heads when we need protecting. Yep usually when we are being particularly brave. Our brain feels a little bit of that fear we?re feeling when we?re stepping into something new and ?Alert! Alert! Alert!? The brain tries to protect us with thoughts like: ?Don?t do that you might fail again?, ?You?re not pretty enough?, ?You aren?t good enough?, ?You don?t belong here?, etc.

That?s when it?s time to take pause and manage our mind. It?s time to quiet that small background voice in our minds and tell them, ?No, I got this, thanks for trying to protect me.? AND THIS IS HOW.

Ask yourself some questions:

  • Is thinking in this way serving me?
  • Am I willing to get rid of this thought, and others like it?

That, my friend, is managing your mind.

THEN you can look back at the Mantras you spoke to yourself this morning and smile, saying, ?I got this, I?m moving forward with THIS type of thinking.?

My ninja coaching skill is helping clients to unfetter their negative thinking and begin a new conversation in their minds, one that is empowering and builds confidence. This is key to losing weight for good.

Wanna turn that negative chatter off? Are your mantra setting skills getting sidetracked? Set your appointment right here to learn 3 steps to managing your mind.

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