I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Business ownership is not for the faint of heart because you are not only brave enough to bring your business concept to life but you have to handle all the things. All of it: decisions that need to be made, clients that need your attention, and employees that want your guidance.

Stress like any other emotion shows up on the regular when we?re running a business. But what if you could experience, say 20% less of it or even 40%? What would that create for you?

Managing stress is not only possible, it is imperative. When we experience stressful and negative emotions, we naturally pull back. We slow down our productivity, we slow our decision making, and it affects how we show up with others.

Do you know what the key is to managing stress and other strong emotions?


Do you know THE quickest way to interrupt a stressful day?

Ask better questions.

Our brain loves answering questions, we just need to ask better ones.

Instead of:

  • ?Why does this always happen to me??
  • ?Why can?t I just can?t get it right??
  • ?Why can?t my clients do what I ask??
  • ?Why can?t my employee just do their job??

Let?s go here:

  • ?What can I do in this moment to solve the issue??
  • ?What is my opportunity here??
  • ?What does my client really need?? ?How can I produce a better result??
  • ?What does my team need so they can perform better? Feel Supported?

Remember it is normal to get stressed in our circumstances, but you get to choose every single time what you want to be thinking.

Ask a better question, pull yourself out of the stress, and step into your role as owner in a more powerful way.

Our brain is a problem-solver; it works better when we ask better questions and guide it to possibility instead of negativity.

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