I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Do you love your business???

Oh the quick answer is yes, right?? Because that is the ?RIGHT? answer. Of course we do, we are working hard all the time, we talk about our businesses a lot, we invest in them. WE looooooove our businesses!? Or do we? If we?re honest, sometimes not so much. They begin to feel like they are happening to us.

Do we have a healthy relationship with our business?

There are 6 areas to think about.? Let?s have some fun with this!!!

Intimacy: Do we just have a crush on it but don?t go very deep in it and understand all of the numbers, results, the costs, the people factor.? Are you paying attention to it or do we just love how pretty it is on the outside? Are we just a little bit shallow in our relationship?

Expectations:? Are we using our businesses to feel better?? Do we use it to feel great about ourselves and blame it per se on all of the emotions that we have?? Do we also expect it to GIVE to us without us giving back? Again are we one sided here and being a ?user????

Priorities: Are we making this relationship a priority in our life? Are we giving our personal relationships proper priority as well? Are we spending enough time on what it needs?? Are you investing time and money in ways that are important right now for your business?s development, no matter what stage you?re in? Or are you ignoring your business?

Long Haul: Are we committed for the long haul or just having a short term fling?? Are you in this relationship with your business for the long haul? Or are you expecting results too quickly which is creating unnecessary disappointment?? Are you making decisions that only consider the short term?

Vulnerability:? Are you afraid to be real?? Are you afraid to be real about what is really going on thinking that you should have it all together?? Are you willing to be open & vulnerable with trusted advisors about your business? Are you willing to share your books with experts, your legal issues with attorneys, your issues with a coach, the frustrations with a mentor??

Treasuring:? Are you grateful for what you have now?? Are you celebrating small wins and big wins along the way. Are you remembering why you?re serving your clients/customers in the first place?? Do you stop to remember how amazing it is to do the work that you are doing?

What if we could be in awe and appreciation more often by creating a healthy relationship with our business?? That could be everything you need to make 2020 your best year ever not only in your business but in your life.

Want some help? I?m right here. ?


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