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Over the past few months, I?ve noticed some differences in my body. A little puffy here, a little discomfort in my clothes. Hmmmmm, what?s up. That?s a very new question for me because in my pre-diet busting life I would have used this information against myself and put myself on a harsh plan of eating and exercise. But this time I looked at it differently.

I know that when my body takes on weight it might just be telling me something. And it isn?t always bad news. Truly!!!! Another awareness was the almost daily feeling of being groggy in the mornings and not having clarity when I was writing & working in the am. Hmmm, could it be ?..the wine. Crap!! Really? I?ve been putting myself to bed more regularly, it isn?t the hours of sleep. Dang, it might be the red wine.

What I?ve realized is these 2 bits of information: puffy body &?sleepy mornings are just information. Does it mean I have to give up wine? Nope!!! But do I want to look at this? Heck Yes. I have been taking some brave shifts and steps in my business, doing some new things and actually moving away from some familiar things (and frankly leaving comfortable is more difficult). I love doing life Brave but my mind isn?t used to it yet so it?s creating some fear.

So having an extra glass of wine after dinner, another piece of chocolate, and maybe another?aaaah that feels better.

I?ve made a decision. I can handle the fear my mind creates when it gets a little uncomfortable. And I?m going to just receive those feelings, turn around some of those thoughts and skip the wine. I may sip here and there but no more checking out into a sleepy self at night. I?m going to do life awake.

And wow does it feel better. I?m able to get up early when I really want to. I still have mental energy at night to get tasks done and enjoy the time off. I?ve decided to do this life awake and my body feels better and is thanking me with mental clarity, consistent energy and the need for not quite so many hours of sleep at night. I like that SO MUCH BETTER.

Thanks body I appreciate the feedback.

What?s your bod telling you?

It?s ok fear is just part of this life we?re living, don?t EVER make it mean that there is something wrong. What if it was totally normal to feel fear and accept it and allow it? ?..

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