I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

In today?s climate, with so many experiences that are really new to us, as citizens of this country, I?ve been speaking about how to navigate these obstacles and the way they affect us as business owners and leaders. . THAT is really important work, it is the essence of coaching to see what mindsets, thoughts are creating unnecessary obstacles for us.?

However, there are really good days and I want to share a practice I?ve been using in a very detailed way to create momentum and certainty in my business.?

In my Zone of Genius MasterMind groups this Spring, it did not take ANY time at all for my students and clients in those calls to identify how they feel when they are in their Zone of Genius. We KNOW how it feels to be in flow, to be confident and clear and taking a lot of action in an effortless way.?

What I want to share is you can drop into that Zone when you need it, and you can intentionally spend more time there. Our minds convince us these moments ?happen to us?. Oh they don?t, because I know this for sure, our thinking creates our emotional state.?These times of confidence and calm come because our mind is focused on a belief that is working for us.

If you?ve been reading my articles and notes to you this past year, you know I?ve been working on belief. Belief is basically a thought that we think more often, but also it feels really true.?

What if you leveraged your good days by noting what you are believing? Sometimes the thoughts are quite simple, and give you a calm, grounded energy. Sometimes the thoughts are brave and very future oriented, giving you a surge of motivation and energy.?

Noting what you?re thinking when you?re in a good place is an opportunity to build on your belief.?Create a space where you WRITE THEM DOWN. It?s the key to growth, it is literally creating new paths in your brain.?

My personal coach stops me in mid conversation and asks, wait what are you thinking right there: I stop and I write those thoughts down. They are the keys to the universe my friend. I use an entire right column in my monthly desk calendar to write them down. It?s creating results, powerful and measurable results in my business. Also, it is helping me to show up as the person I want to be.?

Yes, I need to get coached on the obstacles, all of the time. But what is actually SO MUCH FUN, is training my brain to think in a new powerful way.?

SO, your work this week is to note when you are in your Zone of Genius, describe it a bit. Ask, what am I thinking right now?

There are so many that have worked for me, for my clients. Here are some examples.

  • I can serve them
  • I?m their __________. (i.e. coach, expert advisor, lawyer, etc)
  • My business makes money.
  • I AM running a $______ level company (put your future goal in here).
  • I?ve got this
  • I have EVERYTHING I need.
  • My clients need me to be brave here.
  • _________?s (ideal client in here) need what I have.?

I was surprised how simple this practice became, the thoughts weren?t earth shattering, on top of the world thoughts. Actually, the ones that work best are the calm ones when I?m taking action in my business.?

INVEST in your belief, I promise you?ll see new results unfold.?The seeds you plant now will grow and show up as new clients, referrals and new opportunities in the upcoming months. I know the way I started believing as we rolled into 2020 created the growth and enjoyment in my business I?m experiencing now. I?m curating the thinking to create the next 6 months I want create.?

Give it a try!!!!?

Leverage every great thought you have about yourself and your future. Just pause and take note, think those thoughts more often.?

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