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Confused with all the diet exercise chatter?

After spending the first week of January hearing oh so many new ideas, diet plans, exercise plans, challenges, are you just about worn out? I know I am. Don?t all those various plans leave you a little confused?

And then, I remember, this doesn?t have to be so hard. With sound tools that teach mindful eating and some clarity that comes with coaching, you can jump the obstacles and achieve permanent weight loss. I did, I know you can too.

Jumping over obstacles

I?ve opened up my calendar with a special opportunity, more appointments for mini planning sessions for you to get clear, grounded and calm about your obstacles and plans for food and exercise for the coming year.

How does a mini session work?

  1. Click below to schedule a 20-minute appointment.
  2. Answer the survey you?ll receive once you set an appointment.
  3. Get on the phone with me and get ready for some clear steps that are designed just for you to get started in the New Year.

Schedule Your Free Power Mini Session

What have you got to lose?

I could be sarcastic and say a few pounds, but that?s not how I roll. If you?re like me, and the amazing clients I coach, you already have some of those negative thoughts running around in your head. Let?s turn that around and set your feet on a new future as it relates to food and exercise.

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Rest.Revive.Renew Retreat at Reynold?s Plantation Georgia!!!

Want to get some amazing action, ease and empowerment this year?

Consider joining me and my amazing coach partner, Mary Ellen Garde (aka Empty Nest Coach.)

Check out our Retreat Details here. Gorgeous lake home with amazing like-minded women, putting to action what we most want in 2016!!!

Stay tuned for 2 new programs coming to you this Spring!!


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