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I was recently invited to an Open House of a Nicole Miller boutique. The daughter of a dear friend of mine is the owner. I?m expecting a little fashion show, a time to toast to her success and a chance to see some beautiful clothes modeled while we hung out in the store.

fashion show

As we entered the mall, we could see a runway stage, security, and a Nicole Miller banner was set up for photos. Oh, this fashion show is a big deal. When we walked into the store we were surrounded by friends of the owner but also many tall, gorgeous models and beautiful young girls that work there. And we hear that Nicole Miller herself was arriving soon!

I was immediately immensely relieved I had put on a cute dress and heels. I was so self-conscious about how I looked. My intention on this night was to be there to support this successful and hard working business owner. Why was I thinking about me? Do I look thin enough? Is my make-up ok? Oh goodness, did I wear the right outfit for this type of event?… I know what I was thinking? it was a clear question ringing in my head? ?Am I thin enough, pretty enough?? and the answer was no.

Then the fashion show began. It didn?t take me very long to realize that real women, women of all shapes and sizes and various ages were the models for this runway show. I immediately felt my body relax and I began to truly enjoy the show. Edra, the owner had put together a wonderful experience for us. What a beautiful celebration of women. What a testimony to the way she had been doing business with her customers. Bravo, Edra!!!

I couldn’t stop thinking about how I felt at the beginning of the event. Am I still a victim of those not thin enough, not pretty enough feelings? Obviously, yes. Has something gone wrong? No!!!! There are always going to be moments where old, ugly thinking and beliefs about ourselves are triggered.

I want to tell you I would have missed the best part of the evening if I had stayed in my own head and didn’t see those thoughts for what they were. Just crappy thinking. As I let the yucky feelings pass, I didn’t miss the intention of the entire event: celebrating, beautiful, amazing women.

I’m realizing as I’m writing to you right now, what switched my thinking. I asked myself, “Who do I want to be in this moment?” My answer was simple: a supportive friend, a cheerleader of brave women [yay Nicole Miller, Edra Matthews and every model up there!!!] and a warm smile for the women sitting next to me who might be feeling a little ‘ugly, fat & not enough’ thoughts themselves.

SO, next time you feel less than the amazing, confident person that you are, man or woman, ask who do you want to be in that moment? Because TRUE thoughts trump that ugly stuff EVERY SINGLE TIME.

You have amazing work to do in the world, carry on and be your amazing self, those around you need you!!!

fashion show

Here are some of the amazing women to be celebrated. Edra is in the center in that adorable cocktail dress, to her right, the redhead is Nicole herself. Thanks for the work you’re doing in the world, it did not go unnoticed by those who attended!!!

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