I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

One of the most innocent thoughts we have about time is one of the most destructive thoughts around our productivity and experience of work.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Where are your powerful yes’s and no’s?
  • Are you working when you LOVE to?
  • Do you honor your work time like an appointment?

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I am seeing a light at the end of the tunnel with our pandemic.  I received my first shot and am thrilled that I can safely visit my mom for Mother’s day.  I couldn’t be happier.  

But I noticed something, this shifting back to a more normal (travel) schedule has got me a little discombobulated, distracted and definitely excited.  A little overwhelmed frankly. 

And then I remembered I lead how I spend my time AND when I step into that role in my business…….I GET more done!  I enjoy my work days and ……there is an added bonus.  When I am intentional and careful about my calendar……..my creativity soars and my business grows, in a much more authentic natural way. It’s more fun.

Are you overwhelmed by your business?  I’ve created today’s podcast to lean into 3 simple steps to interrupt that overwhelm that all of us get and help you to lean in to see ways that you can be more in charge of your time instead of feeling like time is ‘happening to you’.  

You are the boss of you, in your business and the calendar is where we take agency.

On a personal note, I noticed during this past year that I have felt so much calmer in my business.  At a time that I am actually doing more. I know it comes from getting more intentional and decisive around how I spend my time.

This result was created NOT BY DOING doing more but making sure I was actually working less.  And the first way I create MORE out of less time is by answering these 3 questions.  

 3 simple questions, 3 concepts but more importantly  3 powerful leadership moves that will energize you, dial down the overwhelm and stress that might be happening in your business.

  1. Where are your powerful yes’s and no’s?   P RACTICING CONSTRAINT 
  2. Are you working when you LOVE to? PERSONAL WORK RHYTHM
  3. Do you honor your work time like an appointment? CALENDAR BLOCKING
  4.  Practicing constraint:  Where do you need to say YES!  And where do you need to say NO and remember both are a full sentence.

If you are serious about the growth of your business, deciding who gets your time, the people you want to invest in,working with ideal clients…. this is really important. 

Remember, the goal is constraint but also impact…..I know I have a better impact when I narrow the amount of projects I’m up to, the amount of people I speak to, the amount of ‘things’ I’m involved in. 

This is different for every business.  

How do you know you need to have some no’s?  

And even some powerful Yes’s?

These are the clues:


Business is stalled

Working Hard without $$$ Result

Totally wiped out


Resenting meetings

Wishing you had more time

All of these should get your attention.  Ask the 1st question, where do you need to decide a powerful YES.  Where do you need to go all in!!!  Where do you need to say NO.  Where do you need to slash some obligations off of your calendar, either by delegation or deciding those activities are not for you right now.

This will show up in your decisions around networking, client meetings, time with your team, even time with your loved ones and family.   Being really crystal clear on the best way to spend your time depending on the stage of your business is KEY.  Where do you need to say YES      Where do you need to say NO

RESOURCES:   The One Thing/Essentialism

  1. Are you working when you WANT to?  Are you leveraging your natural energy both physically and mentally? 

For example: Are you trying to focus at 5 pm and getting frustrated?  Are you spending too much screen time in the early morning instead of using that for focus time?  

Take a 20,000 ft view of your calendar without ONE appointment on it.  Where would you plan, business development meetings, client meetings, focused work and creation time, errands, time with family, time off, work hours in general.  All of it, if you YOU got to decide, when would you have these different meetings.  What is your ideal week?  

Even if you can’t do this right now , this week, move towards a more ideal calendar for you.  There are times we need to negotiate with others schedules but running a business will feel more effortless if you honor your brain energy, your family obligations and when you know YOU would prefer to handle the different activities in your business.  

Everybody talks about working out first thing.  This has never worked for me, when my schedule is  messed up and it’s the ONLY time to work out I will but knowing how I am wired and knowing that I love to end my day with a workout and honor that really changes me.  I LOVE to write in the early morning and I pull out my laptop most mornings and get a lot of my content written.THIS has been so eye opening for me.  

When I try to do any of this planning without regard to my own personal bend, it doesn’t work.  

I highly recommend that you assess this each 90 days.  Where are you worn out?  Where are you highly productive?  Can you plan some float days? Where can you protect yourself from interruption when you need to focus.  

We’re all different.  

AND Shifting your calendar can take time. 

Make some shifts and evaluate what is working for you!!! This is why I love looking at the 90 days.

GREAT book for this.  Cyril Peupion

Transform the way you work, transform the way you live

Speaker – Author – Trainer

‘Work Smarter Live Better’ – top 10 business books in Australia

  1. TIME BLOCKING coupled with commitment.    Do YOU honor the appointments with yourself……… JUST like you would with an appointment with a client?

This is one of THE most challenging facets of planning, of saying Hell Yes to the growth in your business.

I’ll NEVER forget a concept that was shared with me when I was a new business owner.  Energetically why this key concept of showing up for ourself is so important is this.  We create powerful disappointment in our selves when we don’t show, for our own commitments.  

We not only are upset with ourselves that WE didn’t show. AND we feel like somebody STOOD US UP!!!  These feelings are so strong that if we’re not careful we’ll just stop putting important times to work on things on our calendar at all.  To avoid all of those emotions!!!!

Let that sink in.  Because this is the reason we don’t SET appointments firmly when we set work appointments because we HATE the feelings that come with putting it off.  We’re not only disappointed in ourselves and feel the guilt of not showing, we also feel stood up.  

This is why we procrastinate, we’re trying to avoid feeling bad if we don’t follow through.  The remedy.  Treat these appointments as you would with your best client.

So this number 3, I think is the most important.  If you are taking a lot of careful time planning, HONOR YOUR PLAN.  Treat your work blocks on your calendar just like you would for the highest paying client in your business.  Because you know what? 

Your brain, your expertise IS the most impactful client in the business. 

  • Where are your powerful yes’s and no’s?   P RACTICING CONSTRAINT 
  • Are you working when you LOVE to? PERSONAL WORK RHYTHM
  • Do you honor your work time like an appointment? CALENDAR BLOCKING

When you lead through these 3 practices, YOU are creating a momentum shift in your business.  It’s attractive. It’s productive.  It’s life giving.  It is everything!!!!!

What is done consistently in the small moments will create what you have a vision for a year from now!!

I have been working on my relationship with time and my calendar since day one in my business 7 years ago.  And I look forward to it being a continual journey where I double down on spending time in a way that it makes a true impact in the lives of those I serve. Ways that work for what I want to create in the world through my business. 

Enjoy the show??

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