Our vision for the future often collides with our desire to be safe and ok.  In fact, this is the majority of the coaching work I’m doing.  We need to grow in our belief in ourselves when we want to move to a ‘next level’.

Growth and Expansion, hitting new revenue and performance (growing a team, etc) will come from:

  • Learning  to manage our fear and strong emotions that come with business ownership.  
  • Learning to manage our thoughts consistently & intentionally. 
  • Creating a practice of putting our mind to work to solve problems & create what’s next. 

I created a 3 week course to dive into these concepts.

Lead with Your Edge

October 13th, 20th and 27th

Week 1  Learn a self-coaching practice you can apply immediately for the high stress/frustration moments in your business.  Dial Down Your Stress

Week 2 Learn a mindset practice that helps you to create more productivity & clarity. To access what you need for the day.  From Reaction to Intention.

Week 3 Dig deep and learn to give your mind the time to solve problems from Your Expertise.  Move from working In your business 100% to investing time to work ON your business.

Join this group of like-minded business owners and those responsible for business development in corporations and learn to flex that courage muscle in a more regular, intentional and highly productive manner.  

THIS is mindset at a powerful level and it is SO MUCH SIMPLER than you might think.  

Our brains actually don’t mind being managed, we just were never taught HOW.



What: Lead With Your Edge Mini MasterMind

When: Tuesdays, October 13th, 20th and 27th

Time: 11 am until 12 noon on Zoom Technology 

Cost:  Your Time and Attention

Why: Learn to Grow without being in full on Hustle and Stress Mode all of the time

Who: Business owners, Expert Advisors  

Every Tuesday of the class all of you on my list will receive the Zoom details.  Join us for one or all sessions.  

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“Diana Murphy is a magical combination of heart centered coach with an amazing toolbelt of thought provoking shifts to create a clearer path to finding your zone of genius.  Her insight and uplifting messages help me feel more confident and prepared to level up in my business.  I want to be in any room where Diana is sharing her message and powerful energy.”
Amy Getz


“Diana Murphy is a fantastic coach! She has the ability to bringwonderful, growth minded individuals together to collaborate and grow with one another. Her creative method of teachingfacilitates introspection and phenomenal growth. I highly recommend her.”

Cherish De la Cruz

Founding Partner at De la Cruz Law, LLC

“It has been of great value to me to participate in Diana’s Zone of Genius class during the COVID-19 virtual working environment. I had the opportunity to meet likeminded business owners, and together we shared and supported one another through our entrepreneurial struggles. Diana is SUPERB at surrounding herself with quality people, creating an uplifting space for learning, and honoring where you are on your personal journey. If someone is looking to work with Diana, I would highly recommend her. She is worth your investment. (Additionally, many of us have had 1:1 conversations regarding the class outside of Diana and we all share the same mutual feedback. Diana – thank you for being a light for us all.)”

Gabrielle Mills

Founder of Sourced