I am hosting a retreat on April 23rd. A day out of your business to help your mind be IN your business. This is meant to be a breath of fresh air, putting more wind in your sails as a business owner.

Lead With Your Edge is the theme.

Lead — Set intentions. Solve issues. Create next steps.

WITH YOUR — Get creative and lean into YOUR genius

Edge — Take Courageous but simple steps forward

This is a practical experience.  Setting aside some time to give your brain a chance to do what it does best, solve issues.  Getting some coaching to lean into thoughts/mindsets that work for you.

This is an intentional experience.  I am planning each segment with a goal and opportunity to get what you need from the retreat time.  

This is inspiration, application and accountability all in one experience.

There is nothing for you ‘to do’. I will guide you through these fun, powerful, clarity creating sessions with my eye on what you want, what goals are in mind.  Time spent thinking ABOUT your business, time to give yourself an energetic boost, time to simplify taking action going forward.

April  16th: 11 am EST –  90 Minute Workshop

April 23rd: 10 am until 4pm EST – Retreat Day 

May 4th:  1pm EST – 90 Minute Workshop

April 16th (90 min. Call)

This workshop serves 2 purposes, get to know your cohort for the retreat and to set some intentions and remove obstacles.

 April 23rd Retreat Day:  

Spend a day in possibility around your goals.  The sessions during this day are planned to refresh, give you some creative time and to collaborate with others for fresh ideas.  

May 4th (90 min. Call)

In our final meeting, we celebrate, get more insight and lean into what you learned during these sessions.  


My retreats are complimentary for all of my clients.  Just shoot me a note and let me know you’re attending.  


If you’d like to join us the cost is $500* and not only includes all 3 sessions but a few surprises along the way.  Remember my goal is for this to be helpful for your business and a lift for the owner of that business!!! 

 Click Here to take care of your invoice.  

 *For those of you that would like to continue to work with me this invoice can be credited to your future coaching.  

 Questions?  Just shoot me a note diana@dianamurphycoaching.com



“Diana Murphy is the real deal.  To say she has “insight” is an understatement.  Her training and experience are obvious.  She is brilliant in pinpointing your exact thoughts that lead you to actions that stop you.

Then, she guides you to your own conclusions.  She IS a mastermind.  My business has tripled since I started working with her in this Mastermind.  And we are only halfway!!”

Mimi Donaldson

International TED Talk Speaker Coach

“Diana Murphy is a fantastic coach! She has the ability to bringwonderful, growth minded individuals together to collaborate and grow with one another. Her creative method of teachingfacilitates introspection and phenomenal growth. I highly?recommend her.”

Cherish De la Cruz

Founding Partner at De la Cruz Law, LLC