When I first started as a coach, becoming an effective business owner was overwhelming. I worked so hard but was pretty miserable that most of my efforts did not pay off in welcoming clients in the door. Once I was in a coaching relationship, I felt confident and LOVED what I was doing. My clients were getting results. But how to create more clients, more revenue so I could enjoy what I most loved, coaching.

I’ve created the Lead With Your Edge MasterMind to solve this problem. Even if you are an experienced leader, or even a business owner already in your own right, stepping out and doing something new or starting your own practice is daunting. Bringing your expertise to the marketplace requires much of us.  It brings up so many mental roadblocks that we don’t even realize are getting in our way.

How we think matters. No one told me that believing in myself was so important. It was everything. I was super confident but that wasn’t the same as believing to the core of my bones that my coaching business was going to work. I was afraid that what I most wanted to do, coach, was never going to happen. And what is so crazy, I think I was actually more afraid of succeeding. This created a lot of ups and downs in my business and a lot of unnecessary thoughts that I was failing when this happened. I was suffering unnecessarily and I suspect you are too.

In this MasterMind we’re going to start with the basics, diving in headfirst into the issue of fear & procrastination. The goal will be for you to see some of your own patterns of what is holding you back and give you more power in these moments.

We’ll also dig deep into discovering our Zone of Genius. Identifying not only your unique expertise that you have in working with clients but your unique way of working, learning about your own rhythms (of rest and play) so you can honor what works best for you.


I will continue to walk steps ahead of you giving you an opportunity to see normal challenges that might come your way so you can normalize your response to them. You’ll learn how to evaluate your results, how to make decisions, how to rebound when things just don’t go as you expect.

What to expect with this experience:

  • 3 months of support, powerful coaching and an opportunity to learn from others along the way.
  • 3 months of diving in and executing your ideas. Less compare and despair, more investment in birthing Your Ideas, your business plan. Learning more about your own decision making style. Learn to take quicker action: decide, act, evaluate, repeat.
  • 3 months of setting and honoring your intentions: honoring your calendar/to do list. Investing in the right rhythm of self care. Evaluate and establish a powerful morning routine.
  • 3 months of creating that BIG vision: Big Hairy Goal setting, creating revenue from staying inspired and taking a lot of action that is fun.
  • 3 months of self awareness that creates curiosity & grace instead of self judgment. This is all about reducing unnecessary suffering that comes from crappy thoughts.


Details for upcoming May/June MasterMind

When:  Either Tuesday or Thursday afternoon (we’ll vote as a group)

How Long: Meet weekly for 12 weeks (we will extend for holiday weeks)

How Much: $1500 Paid in Full (3 monthly payments of $600 each)

More: VIP Option  Available $3,000 (6 private calls=3 x 30 min + 3 x 60 min)

Conclusion: We will celebrate the conclusion of the MasterMind with a 1/2 day group workshop.

Don’t need to talk with me about this mastermind? Are you already all in?

Email me at diana@dianamurphycoaching.com for your invoice. 

“Diana Murphy is the real deal.  To say she has “insight” is an understatement.  Her training and experience are obvious.  She is brilliant in pinpointing your exact thoughts that lead you to actions that stop you.

Then, she guides you to your own conclusions.  She IS a mastermind.  My business has tripled since I started working with her in this Mastermind.  And we are only halfway!!”

Mimi Donaldson

International TED Talk Speaker Coach

“Diana Murphy is a thoughtful and wise doulah — here to help you birth your future self. I’ve been trying to focus and grow my business for over a year but have been buried in a quagmire of doubts, low self-esteem, and delay. In three months, in Diana’s program, I learned to manage my thoughts and made more true progress than I had done the previous seven months. You will never regret bringing her on board to help you grow or transition your business.”

Wendy Hunt

CEO & Creative Director - Plum Nelly Productions

“Diana Murphy is a fantastic coach! She has the ability to bringwonderful, growth minded individuals together to collaborate and grow with one another. Her creative method of teachingfacilitates introspection and phenomenal growth. I highly?recommend her.”

Cherish De la Cruz

Founding Partner at De la Cruz Law, LLC

“Diana is tremendously committed in bringing out the best in others through her candor, passion for service and unique perspectives on personal & professional growth.”

Don Long

Long Insights, LLC