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Well here we are, can?t quite believe we?re rolling right into 2020!?

I know that there is a lot of talk out there about New Year?s Resolutions.? I am not a fan.??

I have a history of making resolutions that were always around some area in my life that I was judging harshly.? And if you?ve been reading my articles, you know that I am not a fan of judgment (the self inflicted kind most of all).

I have grown more this year than many.? I changed the way I thought and viewed myself and my work. The biggest change, I took responsibility for my results.???

I realize that these changes came from subtle but powerful shifts.??

I?m ready to make more.??

Are you?

I?m choosing 3 things every month that are non-negotiable in my daily pattern.? 30 days of implementing those steps.??

3 things that I know are needed but are simple.? Our brain doesn?t resist simple. These are as non-negotiable as brushing my teeth.? We?d never NOT brush our teeth right? Well I?m honoring my 3 new routines as I would? brushing my teeth, or bathing or eating or??.well you get my point.???

I?m being public about them to create accountability.??

Before I share my 3, what are yours?? What are 3 small things that if you did them every day, it might just be life changing for you? Do a little brainstorming, this could be fun.? I promise. If they seem too easy, just do it, for 30 days and watch for the results.

Now tell someone.

January Non-negotiable Morning Routine

  1. Child?s pose before I start my day. Because I know that I?ll be more grounded if I get into my body, create awareness with a yoga pose first thing.? And frankly, my back needs this terribly. I always do more once I just get on my mat.??
  2. Water before coffee. If I drink water first, it will be easier to remember to drink water all day. I feel amazing when I drink more water.?
  3. Do a thought download of all my first thoughts.? Do not move until I have made a shift in one of them. Just one. ?If I self coach and guide my mind in a positive direction, daily, I know that my 2020 is going to blow up. In the most beautiful way ever. Small shifts have been everything for me this year.?

One of the reasons that my 2019 was amazing and all that I hoped it would be was from investing in the most important facet of my business, me and my mindset.??

I hired a coach. I created results this year that I?d been dreaming of since I became a coach 5 years ago.? I learned things I didn?t know, because I simply didn?t know. I?m having the time of my life.??

Would you like some of this?

You should think about hiring a coach??…no I?m serious.

Coaching brings out the best you in your amazing life.? It?s all there, you just need a witness and a guide and a few ninja tools. I have you covered.?

Let?s see if we should work together this year.??

Click here for a quick 15 minute call to get acquainted and ask any questions you might have about my coaching program.?

And happy new year my friend, thanks for being on the other side of this article.? You?re the best!!!

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