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What term do you use when you know you?re operating as your best self? You might call it a ?good day?, or being ?in the game?, or when you?re ?in the zone?. What term resonates for you? After having the experience of being coached by a horse (yep that?s a thing), I call it being ?in the ring.?


Equus coaching works because horses are especially sensitive animals to the emotions of others around them. Yes, if you?re nervous on a horse they might buck you off. Makes sense right?

When I was ?in the ring? with now my favorite horse of all time, Bella, I learned how powerful ?in the ring? thinking is. When I stand in my best self, my authentic self, I am calm and creative with lots of energy. When I operate and make decisions from that place, I?m an insightful coach, a kind friend, a supportive wife and a brave business owner with excellent instincts.

Sounds fabulous, right? But when we get knocked off, how the heck do we get back ?in the ring??

This is what works for me, and I?m still practicing.

  1. Notice when we?re off our game with compassion & no judgment. (I mean it!)
  2. Remember past experiences where you re-grouped well. (See you can.)
  3. Stop for a moment, take a deep breath, tell yourself, ?it?s ok?. (Step back into your confidence.)
  4. Allow crappy feelings to pass. (The ick feeling leaves faster if we accept it.)

I mistakenly thought once I really owned it and learned to live ?in the ring?, life would be amazing and awesome all the time. Ooooops, little sassy pants life coach, you?re human, too. Yep, we all get knocked off no matter how ?enlightened? we may be. BUT once we experience this and know to the marrow of our bones where we love to operate, where we are our best, we want more.

How do we do that? How do we stay ?in the ring?, how do we recuperate faster so we?re operating at our best in life, in business, with self-care?


Here?s Bella who followed me around the ring (only when I was my calm, essential self) and actually came up and hugged me, nestled next to me at the end of the session. I?ll never forget that moment, ever!!!!


  • How do you describe your authentic/amazing self?
  • What triggers you to get knocked off your game? I?d love to hear.

Until next week,

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