Kind Words KEEP

What people are saying?


Diana has the ability to help me articulate what I am feeling

And want to do that no other coach has been able to do. So many coaches help you know WHAT to do but never dive deep into HOW to do it.



Diana has a knack for helping her clients truly help themselves.

With her assistance, I’ve been able to learn tools I can use for the rest of my life to understand my motivations for reacting the way I do and for developing better coping methods.

It’s so comforting to know that?I can remain healthy, happy, and true to myself no matter what life throws my way. I certainly didn’t expect these bonuses when I signed up for weight loss coaching with Diana.

If you are looking for a coach who is compassionate, honest, caring, has a wonderful sense of humor, and challenges you to become the best version of yourself that you can possibly be, I highly recommend Diana Murphy.? Weight loss is just the beginning.



Diana is an extraordinary, badass, laser-focused, compassionate, and intuitive coach.?

Extra weight has always been in the background of my mind–a seemingly small but very LOUD distraction.



The biggest surprise about working with Diana was how much difference a simple shift in thinking/belief can create.

I really appreciated her kindness and gentleness even when I was unconsciously not giving the same treatment to myself.?Working with Diana resulted in a truly transformational awareness of my body’s communication with me and a return to trusting those communications.



I have less anxiety, better sleep, and I am more likely to focus on gratitude.

Diana has an excellent skill to hear, process and respond quickly in the moment.
After working with Diana, I now understand a self-coaching method that makes me much more aware of my environment and my triggers. Using this awareness helps me stay on track with my professional and personal goals.
I am eating a cleaner diet than before. I also have a greater awareness of portion size, and the different roles food is playing in my day. I have less anxiety, better sleep, and I am more likely to focus on gratitude and what I already possess today that is precious.”

– Ben, Fortune 100 company executive & program coaching client


I am learning that weight loss is not a race.

Since I began working with Diana, I have become more mindful, present, and controlled around food. I?m becoming a calmer person not only around food but also in other areas of my life. Diana has a very smart and keen way of understanding what is bothering people. I am learning that weight loss is not a race and that I need to be patient with myself. I have lost over 30 pounds so far.”

? Michael, Business Owner in Brooklyn, NY


I have lost 31 pounds and had fun losing it!

Working with Diana, I have lost 31 pounds and had fun losing it! Today, I feel so free; I love myself and my life. Losing weight has become a part of who I am. I?m enjoying discovering how my body works and seeing how it responds to the choices I make. I?m the happiest I?ve ever been.”

? Kelli


I enjoy eating rather than stressing about calories.

After doing a weight loss series with Diana, I make better food choices and enjoy eating rather than stressing about calories. I came to the realization that healthy choices don?t have to be ?extreme? or all encompassing. For me, I realized that raw and simple foods are the easiest to prepare. Tasting them is so much more pleasurable. Reflux is minimal for me now.”

? R Business Owner


I am healthier emotionally; sleeping better at night.

After working with Diana I am less emotional, not on a roller coaster with food or my emotions. I truly have more compassion for myself. I have stayed mindful with food. In addition to having success with managing food, I am starting down a path of owning my own business. I never would have expected that! I am healthier emotionally; sleeping better at night, even require less sleep than before. Diana is honest and will call me out on my B.S. Yet you didn?t ?grade? me on the actions with food but helped me to see the why of overeating moments.”

? Lauren, Social Worker from Texas


Diana practices what she preaches!

While working with Diana I have become more confident and less depressed. I value myself more. Diana let me come to my own conclusions & taught me to look at the facts to manage my emotions. I have worked with a therapist and coaching has brought me a much faster result. Diana practices what she preaches. Diana is a happy lady, non-judgmental, patient, effective and worth every penny.”

? Anonymous?Life Coach client


What people are saying about The Bare Method?


I feel great, healthier, and energized!

Diana?s blog posts resonated with my struggles, so I contacted her. Once we connected, Diana recommended going through the Bare Method Program. My favorite part of my coaching experience with Diana was receiving a friendly and compassionate look at my own story. With the help I received I looked at beliefs from a different perspective. I?m now more aware of my tendency to hide and avoid the spotlight and why.
Coaching with Diana helped me realize I could intentionally decide to remove the barriers to avoid exercise. Now when I stick to an exercise routine, I feel great, healthier, and energized! I would say that The Bare Method is about not being afraid of loving yourself and showing all of your value. I would totally recommend it. Thanks so much Diana!!!!”

Norma, Bare Method Client, Mexico City


I no longer feel like someone who is getting too old to work out!

You are such an awesome coach, Diana! My favorite part was definitely when you helped me see where I was being defeatist around my exercise limitations. Without that work I don?t believe I would?ve found the resources that helped me heal my Achilles tendonitis. I?ve been swimming 1 to 2 times/week for a couple months now, and so happy about it! My Achilles has healed; my arms, legs, and core are stronger from swimming, I think my stomach may be a bit flatter, too. I?m looking good! I no longer feel like someone who is getting too old to work out! I would say if you are hating on your body, or feel it is lacking in any way, the BARE method will help you find love for it, for yourself, and blossom. Yes! Anyone in that negative state of mind should hire a BARE coach.”

? Jen, Seattle


This has helped me remember to love myself.

Overall, I think our work together in the BARE program has helped me stay focused on all the positives about my body and how much it does for me, and has helped me remember to love myself and give myself what I need to thrive. I really appreciate all the time and energy you?ve given me!?
? Jen