I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I have an announcement to make on the show this week, and it?s kind of out of the blue. Creating this podcast as a resource for anyone trying to lose weight has been a real honor, but I think it?s time to call it a day.

Although it seems sudden, this is something I?ve been reviewing for a while, and I can confidently say 100% that it?s time to focus on other areas of my business. I?ve produced over 70 amazing episodes and covered countless topics, but now it?s time to explore how I can serve you in other ways.

Tune into the final episode, at least for now, of Weight Loss for CEOs and discover how to say goodbye to something you love when the time is right, as well as how we can stay in touch and I can continue to serve you through my work as an executive wellness coach. This doesn?t have to be the end for us ? this is just the beginning.

What You?ll Learn From this Episode:

  • 3 things this wonderful podcast journey has taught me.
  • How to be 100% sure that it?s time to let something go, whatever that might be for you.
  • Where you can find me and how you can benefit from my continuing work.

Featured on the Show:

Welcome to Weight Loss for CEOs. A podcast that teaches executives and leaders how to deal with the unique challenges of achieving sustainable weight loss while balancing the responsibility of a growing company, family, and their own health. Here’s your host, executive coach, Diana Murphy.

I have a surprising announcement today. This will be my last podcast that I produce for Weight Loss for CEOs, maybe for a while, and maybe forever. But don?t worry, you aren?t losing the support of my work in your life at all. And I want to tell you, this was not an easy decision. I love this podcast and I love serving you as a listener.

But I have decided to stop production to focus my energies in a way that gives back more to my clients, and to my life, I think. I created this beautiful show for current and future clients, and it?s a fabulous resource. I?ll continue using it in that way going forward.? But now that I?ve created over 70 episodes and have covered almost every topic, it came to a point that this was best for my business.

The decision was not easy. In fact, it made me a little sad. But, like you, I am the CEO of my business and my life and I need to manage not only my financial resources, but the time invested and the energy and the creative energy I was spending.

I learned so much by bringing this work into the world. I learned three things. First, I learned that taking a leap of faith and doing something entirely new has its payoffs. I learned that I absolutely love the art of podcasting, so I know that there might be something new in my future there at a later date perhaps. And at the end here, I really enjoyed interviewing guests. I learned to stop procrastinating my to-do list. I learned to show up for myself. And I learned to fail and get right back up again.

Second, I learned how important it is to have strong members on your team. And I know this won?t fail me for my future. I will miss Pavel and Angela. They gave me the confidence, insight, and feedback needed to get started and to craft a high-quality show. They totally supported me when I turned things around and rebranded this last fall and renamed the podcast Weight Loss for CEOs. They?ve been all in and I?ll miss our weekly discussions around our topic choice, and all of the details.

If you?re at all interested in podcasting and producing a great show, Digital Freedom Productions is the place to go. Their feedback and recommendations to rerecord saved you from some very miserable episodes. They?ve not all been perfect, right? But I know they?ve been really good because they knew when to tell me to do it over.

Oh, my goodness, episode 13 was when I learned how to fail. It was amazing. It took 13 takes. I don?t know what it was about that episode, but it ended up being amazing, after I did it over and over again.

Third, just because you love something, just because you enjoyed the learning, the growing, it doesn?t mean that that activity should continue in your business. I certainly believe that you should spend as much time doing what you love, and I do. I love personal executive coaching and I?m investing my time there. But this podcast took just as much courage to start as it did to decide to stop its production.

I want to stop and ask, is there something in your work, in your life, that you love but is not giving you the results that you want? I?ve been asking his question during the entire season of producing this work. And I did not give up.

I gave it over a year and I gave it everything I had. But this is how I made this decision; in light of my future goals, is this work worth my time? And I want you asking that question around anything that?s getting your attention today.

In light of your future goals, is the work that you?re doing, or a certain project, things that you love that you may be sensing you?re holding onto, is it worth your time? As I was really having the emotions around being sad to leave the podcast, I had to dig in. I got coached hard and I realized, just because something is fun, rewarding, there are seasons, and it was time to let this go. My future self, that woman, realizing all the goals I have for my business and my life, she knew it was time to let go and I did.

So, I?ll ask, are you investing time and energy in your life in a way that honors your dreams and your goals? Dig in. Don?t stay with safe and familiar. Look at what brave steps you can take towards your future. I?m doing this in my life in so many ways and I have never felt more alive.

When we shift and change in brave ways and we become strong and decisive, it rocks us. Our brain loves to keep us safe. This is where the hard work of growth is. I have done a few brave things this last year, year and a half. I started a podcast. I gave up wine. I have doubled down on believing in myself in a way that is absolutely brilliant. I?ll tell you, it?s so worth it.

I want to share with you what?s next. First, I?m going to leave these episodes live until they just aren?t useful to you anymore. I am super proud of what I created and I will be using this resource with my clients and colleagues and will be referring to my podcast often in some of my emails, so you?ll know where to go.

Second, if you engage with me on my website, you?ll always be able to find my current free training or any resources that I?m offering. The current training series right now is Lose Your First 5 Pounds. It?s available on the first page of my website. This is a video training of the tools needed to lose your first five pounds. It?s simplified and it boils down three keys to lose your first five pounds forever, because what I know, if you can lose your first five pounds in this way, you can lose the next and the next.

This is the core of the work I do for the people that I work with that are losing weight and those that want to maintain it after losing. And what?s really interesting is, even with those clients that don?t have weight loss as an issue, I?m using so many of these tools to help them take radically good care of their health.

Lastly, I plan on engaging with those that are on my email list in a concise and powerful way. I?m deciding on the final plan, but right now, I?ll be offering a touch twice a week, all geared to support a clear and powerful mindset. This is so that you?re your best and most productive self all the time.

I?m going to help people to learn to integrate radical self-care into your life. That?s what I do. My deepest desire is that you?re able to learn that putting yourself first, your wellness first, is the key to hitting your goals. It?s the key to work-life balance. It?s the key to handling the growth in your business and doing all that you want to. In this one and beautiful life that you have.

Wow, my friends, it has been an absolute pleasure to serve you in this way. Dig in, my friends, and relisten to the episodes that you love. Listen to those. Look at the titles. When there?s a title that draws your attention, listen and grab those worksheets. This is where your growth is. Where your resistance is, that?s where your answers are.

Meet me on my website, download my current training, pop me an email at diana@dianamurphycoaching.com with your questions. Sign up for my newsletter. All the ways to connect with me will be in the show notes, dianamurphycoaching.com/ceo35.

My friends, this I know; good things in our life are wonderful, but when we make brave decisions, doing the great things, that is when we soar. This is not an ending. My friends, this is just the beginning. Join me by being a part of my community. I?ll see you there.

Thank you for listening to this episode of Weight Loss for CEOs. If you enjoyed this episode and want more, visit dianamurphycoaching.com for Diana’s latest free coaching tools to get started losing weight without having to start a diet now.

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