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It doesn't always feel so good




Are you getting back from Summer Vacation?

Getting off your stride a bit with summer plans?

If you?ve been following me for a while, you know I encourage all of us to listen to our body?s signals.

However, there are times when resistance is just part of the deal and we must IGNORE!!!

After a season of travel, visiting family and vacationing in a small town, and the damn heat aaargh I just didn?t get any serious workouts in. Knocked me off my game.

I couldn?t wait to get back to my favorite Saturday Burn Out class so it caught me by surprise when I heard a lot of complaining (in my head) during my first workout upon return:

  • ?Uh no, I don?t feel like getting sweaty today, gross!?
  • ?Uh seriously, I?m getting flushed and warm now, stop it!!?
  • ?You can?t do another push up, what are you thinking??

Because I?ve been more consistent with exercise these past couple of years AND because it seriously makes me happy to move more, these responses were a little surprising and so annoying.

I did talk back but did it anyway. But you can ask my workout partners, there was a little bit of cussing and complaining.

After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting and on again and off again exercise endeavors, this little argument was familiar.

What was different is I told it to ?SHUT UP, it will be ok in a few days, and you?ll feel better again.?

Which voice are you letting win?

Are you surprised that doing amazing things for yourself doesn?t feel so amazing all the time? I am too. But I?m learning, after a lot of trial and error, when to listen and when to tell that damn voice to SHUT UP ALREADY!!!

Where might you want a little insight on which voices to tell to SHUT UP and which ones should you be listening to? A perfect place to take this conversation is to a short coach call. Tell me what?s up for you, I?ll ask you a few questions to get you thinking, you will get a little clarity that gives you motivation to make a different plan. This is the secret sauce of coaching, YOUR INNER WISDOM with a little clarity.

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Last night, more smiling and less cussing!!!


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