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2016 Is This Your Year?

As we have said goodbye to 2015 and brought in an exciting new year I want you to ask yourself these questions:

Is this my time? Is this year my opportunity to look at food and exercise in a new way? A way that comes with more ease, more insight and maybe even a little excitement!!!

You?ve come to the right place to:

  • Learn new tools that help you to reduce overeating in a kind way and once practiced become second nature.
  • Turn your weight loss frustrations into inquiry & compassion that finally helps you to get to the why of overeating for you.
  • Set aside a pattern of dieting. Learn to live a life of mindful eating that feels like ease and works to maintain the weight you?ve worked so hard to lose.
  • Lay down the battle with weight and put that energy towards something that you?re neglecting in your life.
  • Discover what activities your body really loves and learn to jump over those excuses to not move.
  • Learn self care in a new way that honors not only what your body needs but what you are craving in your life.
  • Learn to love the body you?re in, no matter what, giving you a new self-confidence that affects all areas of your life.

Honor what you really want for your year and get started now.

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Happy New Year!!! This is your year!


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