I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

YES! It can feel lonely at the top.

Is this a bad thing??

Maybe not?

I heard John Maxwell speak this past week. What a GREAT conversation!!! Well, {He was talking and I was listening, ha ha!!!} I?m so impressed with what value he brings to the world and he has written 88 books. What?

Just wow.

He said something that stopped me in my tracks.?

?Good leaders naturally feel lonely.?


I know during my journey of growing my coaching practice, that I have felt lonely at times…

John Maxwell explained that when we are invested in our personal development, growing a team, serving at a high level as an expert advisor,?we SHOULD be ahead of the group. Because, we?re leading.?And so? it is natural that there are times when??feeling alone? is just part of it.

I thought I was doing it wrong because I felt lonely, maybe it?is?a natural consequence of following our leadership instincts. I?m going to think about that for a while.

Another concept that got my attention?..

Then he talked about?holding the ladder?for others. Being there as a support and foundation to help others get ahead. I loved that.?

I have a hunch?…I bet you?re holding the ladder for others. If you are an entrepreneur you?re either doing this for your clients as an expert advisor or your team as you get your amazing product or service out into the world.?

Something powerful happened when I created a group program this past Spring (Zone of Genius).?People stopped feeling alone.?I held up a ladder for the group.?Better yet, the group held up the ladder for each other.?During the group discussions we saw that others had the same fears, frustration, struggles and even anxiety that we did.?

That?s why I created a Monthly call, just for you.?Let me hold the ladder for you, come join us as we hold up a ladder for each other. The circumstances around us are requiring us to do more mindset work, come learn some ways to apply and get what you need. Mark your calendar now, for the next few dates.

July 31st THIS FRIDAY!!! (Take a look at the topic, we need this more than ever!!!)

August 21st?

September 25th

Join me FRIDAY,?July 31st at 10 am?for this month?s Call. Details below.

See you there!!! Everyone is welcome and certainly share with your friends.

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July 31st 10 am Zoom Call

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End the month with insight to create the next month of growth.

See you there!

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