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During a conversation in one of my Genius MasterClass calls, one participant asked, what do I do about worry. ?Every time I see the news, I feel more worried.? Ugh, it feels awful and slows us down, makes us want to crawl right back into bed.?

It?s true that we are worrying more because there is MORE TO WORRY ABOUT. Is there more to worry about? Once we start thinking about something in the news and it?s outcome, the brain gets fixed on that and looks for more??..and then this could happen?.and then this might happen??..This is the mind doing it?s job to look for evidence of?what you are thinking in the first place.?

Wait, you can manage your thoughts!?Please don?t forget this 🙂

Worry is a bundle of feelings you feel after thinking about a bunch of thoughts. Worry makes us feel stuck. It requires interrupting, but how?

Ask a better question, we discussed this on Wednesday during my Zone of Genius MasterClass. And the group came up with some great ones:

  • What is another way to think about this?
  • What is right and positive right now?
  • What could be the silver lining?
  • What could go right?
  • How is this FOR me not against me?
  • Why am I feeling this way? What is the Thought? (awareness can bring agency)

Asking a better question can turn your mind on a dime, in a good way.?

I want to remind you, that you are stronger than any of the circumstances around you. Your mind will try to convince you otherwise. Remember news reports over-dramatize EVERYTHING, that is their job. I encourage you to take it in small doses, filter it through YOUR common sense. Do your own research.

Feel stuck? Oh my gosh, totally normal. Just ask a better question.?

There is a powerful process you can lean into to manage worry and increase your productivity.

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