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As we just celebrated Independence Day, is there a desire to be independent from thinking about food and your weight all the time?

I?ve got the magic sauce, and as with anything, it will require some practice. But I want to encourage you and tell you that it?s worth it and the tool I?m going to remind you of today is useful for even more than weight loss.

The Hunger Scale is a key tool I use to help clients who want to reduce their overeating. What?s so awesome is this is a beautiful tool to create awareness, even if you?re not trying to lose weight right now. Self and Body Awareness opens up our creativity and give us energy to put into activities that are important to us.

When we get more in tune with our body?s signals, we get more in touch with our thoughts and emotions as well. If we?ve used food to create or soothe emotions (I?m raising my hand here, are you?) sometimes we just don?t know what our body is saying about food.

Whether this is a nice review or completely new for you, it can be really valuable to fine tune this work, the work of being in touch with your appetite. At every decision to eat, note where you are on the hunger scale. If the goal is to lose weight, focus on eating between -2/+2.

AND when practiced, over time, this becomes as natural as brushing your teeth. THIS is the Independence part!

Independence Hunger Scale

It might look like this:

  • -3/+2 Breakfast Yogurt and Berries
  • -2/+3 Lunch sandwich and chips
  • -1/+1 Banana before workout
  • -3/+4 Dinner and dessert? and wine?

Want more? Want a little more time learning the Hunger Scale? Have a few questions on how to implement? It’s on me, just sign up here for a complimentary Mini Session (this is NOT a sales call.)

AND best news ever, we?ll be working on this together in Week 3 of Summer Camp: Mess Hall Tools.

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Until next time,

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