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The desire to be free…….

The themes of 4th of July got me thinking about how the concepts of freedom and independence relate to the work I did losing weight permanently, and even the work of being a business owner.? See if you can relate and keep asking the questions for yourself?.

What do I want to be free from?? Is it possible to have total freedom?? What can I be independent from? ?Is that good enough?

I?m free from the shame cycle I developed when I was uncomfortable with my excess weight.? Even when I was at my ideal weight, it took a bit of time to be totally free.? Yet, I?m not totally free from the infrequent temptation to worry about how my body looks in jeans or a bathing suit. My decisions of what to wear are independent of that fear;?however,?I notice a little angst and give myself a little compassion and choose what I really want to wear.

As a business owner, I?m free of the Monday meltdown I use?to create.? I use?to move all the uncomfortable stuff from the week before, expecting to ?get it all done? on Monday.? ?I?m free from the harsh voice in my head that told me I was doing it all wrong and was never going to ?make it? as a business owner.? I?m not totally free of procrastinating but I?m onto myself more these days and independent of it. When I sense some resistance at doing something a bit scary, uncomfortable or boring, I know that moving it to Monday by saying ?I?ll just do it next week when I have time? doesn?t work for me.? Again, I?m not totally free of procrastination, but my actions have become independent of the negative cycle.

So many times I want freedom, don?t you?? Freedom from fear, boredom, procrastination, to name a few.

Independence takes a little bravery, a little bit of awareness, but is SO worth it.

Do you want to be free of those crappy feelings, independent, and begin to make decisions free of the shame?in your life?? Are you looking for some motivation to do something in your life, but it’s not getting done?? My hunch is this, you?re a little stuck because you?ve started being really harsh with yourself around it. ?The first step is to stop giving yourself permission to be so mean and see if you too can be free.

Seriously, every time I take off a layer of self-criticism & harsh self-talk I?m able to see the situation more clearly.? I can take a deep breath and see what I?m up to and make a different choice, despite the negative feelings. Independence?was won?I am?free of the shame cycle I gave myself or the harsh talking to? I?m a human and I?m wired to feel all these emotions at least 50% of the time.? But what is encouraging to me is this:?I became?independent.

Oh, and I hate rhetorical questions??I?d really love to know.




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