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I love to work out, do you? What do you love to do and gives you a feeling of freedom? What makes your body sing? Do you look forward to exercise?


If these questions are hard to answer, you might be locked in the calorie chase. When we?re in calorie chase mode, only intense fits the bill and the frequency is crucial. And the burn, we must have the burn. Working out until we are wiped out, sweaty and exhausted. Pick out your rest day but be sure you work out at least 6 days a week!

I?m all in for a good sweaty workout, but are you dreading your workout? Perhaps there?s a little resistance? You wish you could work out every day for a couple of hours or could get up early train again for a half marathon but you have kids now or your work day is too long or you just can?t muster the motivation.

You might be locked in the chase, only choosing activities or evaluating the activities you participate in by their caloric burn value.

We are creating our own resistance. We have raised the bar so high for what activities are of value that we end up doing? nothing.

Does this sound like you? Wanna have a little fun and freedom?

  • Get creative and choose to move 20 minutes (more if you?d like) every day doing something different each day. Walk, try a new class, play with your kids, learn to dance, get on the tennis court, walk at the mall, get to that yoga class, but no matter what MOVE. And here?s the fun part?
  • Make a list of rewards: Reading at night (instead of working,) taking a hot bath, watching your favorite TV show (without guilt), create a list of 10 things that you love to do, that are a small treat.
  • EVERY TIME you hit the daily challenge, reward yourself. Don?t skip this part. You?re training yourself to do something new, you?re creating a new pleasure pathway, you?re creating the desire to do this again?
  • AND listen to your bod? this week and get the feedback it?s giving you. Does your body have the urge to do more? Does it want a little more weight work? Is it tight and unhappy after new workouts and want stretching or yoga? Is it totally singing because that new Zumba class was a riot (even though you tripped over your own feet a few times?)

Want freedom, want to drop the calorie chase for good? Try this challenge and let me know what happens.

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And you guessed it, we?ll be covering this type of work during Summer Camp. Starts on July 27th, I?d SO LOVE to see you there.

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