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Geeeeeeesh!!!! I really should know how to do this weight loss thing by now?..? I do remember feeling this way when I was trying, yet again, a new diet program or exercise class to lose weight.

Are you getting stuck by thinking that, ?you should have this weight loss stuff down by now??

Have you tried a bunch of diets but know that there must be a better way?

Are you trying to execute everything that the doctor told you to do but haven?t seen the results you expected yet?

Have you been eating healthier but are frustrated that the scale isn?t moving yet?

Have you been getting to the gym but don?t understand why the scale isn?t rewarding you for your efforts?

Let?s back up. Look at another area in your life where you are successful: your job, a certification in your profession, a degree, and leadership roles you hold. Have you forgotten how much time and investment it took to come to a place of confidence and success in that area?

Can you approach weight loss as a good student & fresh learner this time? Can you do it without an expectation of quick results and realize that a journey towards long term results might need a little more time for everything to come together? By coming together I mean for your body to drop the extra weight that you?d prefer not to carry.

My challenge for you this week is to choose one area to work on. I said ONE!!! (Big Smile Here)

Do not move on to the next one until you have perfected the first one you choose.

  • Focus on paying close attention to your appetite and fullness.
  • Notice any patterns of overeating for you.
  • Move more or in a different way.
  • Embrace the amazing person that you are RIGHT NOW.


Before you know it, this weight loss thing can come together and become another amazing area of your life that you are successful in. It may just take you a little more time and investment in a sound approach.

So, I?m so curious. What are you going to set your mind to this week to start this successful weight loss journey?

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