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Who are you hiding from? ?I have vivid memories of those shameful moments when I was in High School, digging into pantries in the homes where I was babysitting. I would gravitate to any crackers or cookies I could find. Just 2 or 3 I?d say, eating that ?forbidden fruit?. But 2 or 3 were never enough and after a sweet I?d want something salty and then just one more, and another, etc.

I was hiding my binging because at home I was, once again, ?trying to lose weight.? It was the big project and I was giving it my all?for the show of it. Resenting that I had this ?problem? that no one else had.

Who was I really hiding from—-me. At the tender age of 17, I was not being true to myself, and developing patterns that were obviously not healthy for me.?? I wasn?t really fooling anyone, least of all me.

One powerful way we can understand our ?overeating behind our backs? is to stop and look at those moments with compassion. I see now I was experiencing some pretty heavy emotions in those days. Handling emotional abuse at the hands of a boyfriend, working hard in school, figuring out my next step to college.

What?s up for you? Next time that binge happens when you?re all alone, gently ask yourself, ?What?s Up Girlfriend?? See what emotions are coming up for you and gently ask yourself, ?Why??

This can be a powerful beginning of the unraveling of these ?behind your back? moments.

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