I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

It?s been with you all along, but maybe no one told you. I know I didn?t know.

I?ve learned that, I have everything I need. Because I have faith in myself and I have my mind.

I?m watching it play out in my life and am witnessing it in my clients? lives. It?s almost become a game.?

Much of the mindset work in the world is all about feeling better. I love feeling better, but more than that I love creating the results I?m dreaming of.?

What if you could learn to think better? To Create more? To Solve problems quickly? What if when you came across a problem you put your mind to work for you instead of being frustrated and stuck.?

This is the secret no one taught us in school: It?s called Super Thinking.?It?s a little bit of a mind hack. Even on the grumpiest of days, if there is something I need to complete, create, write, solve, I intentionally ask my mind a great question.

What does it look like?

Because I?m a coach, it is usually, ?What does my client need to hear right now?? What tool would serve them?? When I am asked to speak, ?What do they need right now?? ?What is the easiest way to share this with them?? When I am creating or writing, ?What would be the easiest way to explain this, what would be a powerful concept to share??

It requires 3 things:

  1. Motion or mindless movement (walking, exercise, playing with dog, showering, cleaning)
  2. Ask your brain a question (One question) Let the subject play in your mind. Let your mind go where it wants to.
  3. A journal to record the download when you?re done. If you make this a practice you will see more and more come of this step.

Oops I meant 4.?You need to make a practice of it. THAT is the work. Making a commitment to implementing this during your week intentionally.?

This process can be used on demand when you are solving an issue or crisis in your life or business and also intentionally when you are creating content, courses, plans for clients, etc. I highly recommend it.?

This process has been so energy generating when the going gets rough or when I?m nervous about getting something right. Give it a try!!!?


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