I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

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Just a letter to my friends??.who open my emails every so often to say “thank you” and to ponder a bit and to share my gratitude for the part you have played in the growth of my coaching practice.

My business (the LLC) turned 3 this week. Three years ago this week, when I told my Weight Watcher?s manager that I was going to coaching school, they fired me on the spot. What? Looking to improve my skills in the meeting room and you let me go? Yup!!!!

Best thing that ever happened to me?. jumped all in to coaching school, no job to return to- just me, my LLC, my fresh new business cards, and a land line to coach from.

Wouldn?t trade it for anything, but want to reflect and share what I?ve learned???

Food is amazing. Once I embraced my love for it and listened to how my body responded to it, it became so much more fun.

You can?t fail at a diet. You can eat more than your body needs or be starving your body so much that it resists, but that isn?t failure; that?s information.

Moving my body is the cure for so much. I started slowly. There have been quite a few twists and turns, but making small changes while staying pretty consistent is the magic sauce for feeling young again and having great energy.

Tweaks work. Experimenting with new ways of eating and exercising has become fun. It kills the boredom, and it makes life a little more interesting. This all-or-nothing gal resists the urge to overhaul these days; tweaks rule.

Wine is so good, until it isn?t. Paying attention to how I feel after more than a sip with dinner is giving me some feedback. Dang!!!! It doesn?t love me back so much– groggy mornings, more sugar cravings at night, and puffy- can?t stand the puffy. Dang for real!!!

Oh, my mind loves to be right, but it isn?t my best ally all of the time. That critical voice slows me down, gets me in the dumps, and is NOT worth listening to. I?m getting better at ignoring that voice.

I love my life. I?m grateful for so much. I?ve spent WAY too much of my life looking ahead, wanting for more, and not embracing what?s here right now.

Conversations are amazing. I have learned so much by listening to my clients. You all are amazing humans. FOR REAL.

Thanks for listening,

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