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It was not lost on me that I handled my Tuesday this week in an entirely new way. I?m loving that the tools I dig into and apply to my life help me to become a stronger CEO or business owner. VERY valuable growth, right?

But what about the day to day, why is mindset so important then?

Tuesday I had one of my first solo at home days. A day to dig into my creative brain, write a few blogs, create a PDF for people that check out my website, time to plan my workshop in August and my new podcast (OMG I am so psyched about that).

However, Google Fiber had other plans for me. Internet dropped at 10:40 in the middle of Zoom call with a client and???.didn?t come back until 1 am.

Well, that?s unfortunate.

I didn?t drop into that zone of frustration that I normally would have. Let?s call it the ?before thoughtwork? time. So before bt, I would have started ranting with neighbors on the NextDoor app, sharing with my husband about how horrible it was, telling anyone who would listen what a horrible day I was having. I would have focused on all of the things I couldn?t do, I mean Netflix/Youtube TV and all of my Google docs online right?

Instead my mind started embracing the one place I could be productive and it was back to my old Word software on my laptop. So old school but the result was actually quite calming. I was less distracted with all of the notifications coming in & without the ability to check out what was happening on Facebook, LinkedIn etc. AND if I absolutely needed anything my iphone was filling in (even though it was on 1 very tiny bar of network. . . . phew).

I EVEN had a huge deadline of needing to pay our taxes online by midnight and kept saying, worst case scenario, my accountant can help me on this tomorrow or I can mail a check (so old school 🙂 But ?bt?, I would have been stressed all day about that!!!

AND what really happened is I created something I have had on my to do list for months now, about 12 actually, I created that and turns out, I had a really enjoyable day.

Google Fiber came back 15 hours later and I gratefully woke up to my opportunity to get those taxes paid first thing and get on with a day filled with Zoom calls. YES, super grateful for the timing for me.

My mind has learned to focus where I ask it to, without as much effort. I focus more naturally, NOT PERFECTLY, on the present and what is possible vs what is wrong.

That my friends, was a fun realization to make and compare to how I handled things bt -before thoughtwork- and how I handle them now.

How was that possible for me to stay calm when a key to the universe (THE INTERNET) was taken away. For 15 hours!!!! 🙂

  • By investing in a practice of admitting and identifying what I am truly thinking. Especially those thoughts that made me feel awful. Those have to go!!!
  • By realizing I can think what I want to in ANY situation. Just a shift is needed most times.
  • By learning & practicing how to drop into the present moment.
  • By learning to be grateful for what is happening FOR me.

Thank you thoughtwork!!!! I love you so much. Thank you!!!

Remember YOU are the manager of your mind. You can think anything you want to about your life and YOU?VE GOT THIS! No matter what is coming your way.


And guess what you get first dibs on, that freebie I created. Coming soon, just like the podcast and all the things I?m creating in this lovely month of CoVid July.

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