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Guilty Pleasures???.A Must

I was working with a client this week and asked her about her Joy eating. Yep, on the program, I teach my clients they MUST plan a joy eat every day or a joy meal during the week. Anyway, she had just described a joy moment of savoring an amazing chunk of almonds covered in dark chocolate. Yep, I?m salivating too. Anyway, after telling me how she savored it, I asked her how she felt about it. She said she felt guilty. ?Well, I know it?s on the program and everything to eat a joy food, but it?s a food I shouldn?t be having, it?s not healthy.”

As we discussed it more, she could see how this might be setting herself up for overdoing it at a later date.

Why should we have some joy eats that we can savor?

First, deprivation from any category of food easily leads to overdoing it when we ?allow? ourselves to have that food the next time.

Second, food is meant to be enjoyed. Food has an intrinsic quality of serving many of our senses and it is meant to be enjoyed.

Third, when we choose foods, savor them and enjoy them, it?s fascinating to watch the outcome. Many times the cravings fade when we begin to see food in a calm, non guilty way.

How about you? Do you plan special treats in your life that you can savor? Or is there a lot of guilt around the food you eat?

Think about your favorite Joy Food and make a date with yourself to truly savor and enjoy it!!!!

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