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We have rolled quickly into February and said goodbye to January (where did THAT month go?) Are you wondering about being able to lose weight for good, this year? Have your New Year?s Resolutions not quite taken root yet?

I have some good news and some questions for you.

planning consistency

What are you doing consistently? Day in, day out, week in week out, what are you doing consistently?

  • Are you shopping the perimeter of the grocery store?
  • Are you scheduling in some activity?
  • Are you drinking plenty of water?
  • Are you waiting until you?re hungry to eat?
  • Are you eating a breakfast that starts your day off right?

Or Are You?

  • Berating yourself for not sticking to that new diet you tried?
  • Thinking that the gym isn?t for you after that Boot Camp Challenge made you too sore?
  • Given up a bit because the New Year was so stressful at work you didn?t have a bit of time to take care of yourself?
  • Just not sure WHAT to eat after all the diet information you received as the New Year rolled around.

Well I?ve got GOOD news for you: whatever you do with consistency will create results. Powerful results.

The ?on again off again? eating well and exercising plan doesn?t work for how our bodies are designed. The even BETTER news is that strict diets & extreme exercise plans don?t work well either.

What does work?

Taking care of your body with consistency. Changing the conversation in your head from critic to encourager and learning to not overreact when you overeat. Consistently. Moving your body in a way that makes you happy. Consistently.

Want to figure out how to get started?

Schedule a quick call with me and I?ll share a few tips that are perfect and designed JUST FOR YOU.

CLICK HERE. I?d love to help, it?s what I do and you won?t regret it, I promise.

New Program Announcement: Traction for True Results

I’ve noticed with many of my amazing clients that a 6 week or 10 coaching series is just not enough to bring about the full results they desire. I want to bring current and future clients more to help you to get to your final weight loss goal and to keep it off. Yep, you guessed it, I want to provide in my coaching practice a consistency, a way to apply the tools you’ve learned and to help you to stay on track.

This is why I developed Traction for True Results

I have designed this program that can be invested in monthly, quarterly or in 6 month increments. It involves personal coaching calls mixed in with a weekly check in by email. A check in that involves just as must preparation (on my end) as a regular coaching call. This will involve fun, creative & helpful homework assignments along the way as well. I will be opening this up to 5 amazing, interested, ready to go clients this month. Is this you?

Why invest in more coaching…

Accountability: When we follow up with others (mentors/coaches) that are invested in our outcomes, we get results.

Support: Whenever you are doing something new, getting outside support, an objective opinion helps you to keep moving forward.

Clarity: You know I’m all about managing your mind and helping you to take amazing action.

Results: The clients that have continued with me are losing more weight and are keeping it off.

I’d love to hear from you. If you want to see if this is for you Schedule a Mini Session Now.

If we haven’t spoken in a while I’d love to hear from you no matter what you decide!!

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Until next week,

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