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GOALS, it’s all about possibility.

What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • List all of the reasons you can’t hit this goal?  List all of your doubts.  Why isn’t this possible?
  • What are all the reasons this is totally possible?
  • THIS is the process of setting Goals and really seeing them come to life. 

Featured on the Show:

GOALS, it’s all about possibility.

I switched gears last week, don’t know if you noticed but I decided to split last week’s podcast into 2.  It was going too long and frankly, we SHOULD be spending a lot of time around the Why around our goals. 

But as a quick reminder there are 3 key questions to ask yourself as you grow through the process of attaining your goals. 

  1.  Why?  Why this goal? What measure it in this way?
  2. Why can’t you hit this goal? What are the obstacles, reasons it won’t work?
  3. What IS Possible?  

I’m going to cover 2 key questions all around possibility and the impossibility of hitting your goals.

  1. List all of the reasons you can’t hit this goal?  List all of your doubts.  Why isn’t this possible?  

THIS is GOLD.  Find out the subconscious and unintentional thinking that is deterring you from all of the motivation you created in your Why.  

Be aware of your common activity when you’re AVOIDING.  Me I hit the pantry, I avoid making connections with people, I find myself rewriting an email 20 times.  I am crabby with my husband. (best ever indicator of my feeling like a fraud)  Truly, be onto when you get triggered by something, scared that it’s not possible and remind your brain of what is possible.    

I used to think that I had to have ALL positive thoughts about a goal for it to happen.  THEN when I had some fear, some angst, some imposter syndrome, I would stuff it down.  I’d ignore my reaction, ignore what was going on for me.  

When did I start hitting my goals?  

When I understood that ALL of my thoughts around my goals were important.  AND allowing the ones that make me want to shrink in a hole or procrastinate or to sit on the sidelines…This was a normal part of the process.  I could allow them instead of ignore them and  STILL TAKE ACTION.  When I stopped ignoring what was going on with me THEN I started getting some real traction, real growth.

For most of us, we set goals higher each year, we love achieving and growth.  I’m all about achieving and growth so I thought there was NO ROOM for anything negative or scary.  I thought I wouldn’t hit my goals if I had ANY negative thinking.  I thought that other rockstar owners and coaches felt amazing every day/hour of their lives and THIS was why they hit their targets.  Nope

It’s a lie!  I wish it were true.  Stuffing my negative thoughts seems a lot easier to me than investigating them and deciding if they are true. But that is the brave work we can do so we can keep moving forward and serve our clients well. 

Trust me, this is the most powerful question of the 3.

Now, let’s get to the fun part.

  1. What are all the reasons this is totally possible?

What are you really good at? Where have you grown like this before?  What ways can you remind yourself how amazing you are?  This is not arrogance, this is the gold of mindset reminding that doubting Thomas brain of yours.  What is possible?  It’s managing your thoughts around your goals…..What are you going to tell yourself when you are stepping out and making more calls, writing THE biggest proposal you’ve ever written.  I’ve got this.  I’m an expert here.  This is my zone of genius, I just need to make more asks in my business.

Building belief is the inspirational part of goal making.  Grabbing onto, intentionally thinking thoughts that fire us up.  When I’m being coached and there is a statement I make or she makes reflecting our conversation, when it hits me in the gut, we stop, I write it down.  I put it on the sidebar of my calendar.  These statements are NOT the same quarter by quarter, they evolve.  

What are ways that you can direct your mind to the powerful amazing person you are?  What are ways that you speak about yourself that make you want to get up in the morning?  What are the reminders that you need to give yourself when you are tired, just got a no or are working on something new?  

This type of journaling, thinking, remembering and intentionally believing  is literally rewiring your brain for the next level of you.  This is where your words, those spoken to ourselves can literally create the results that you are thinking.

THIS is the process of setting Goals and really seeing them come to life.  

Keep it simple

Do this work often

Keep your goals in front of you daily

Manage your mind, create new beliefs.


Why isn’t it possible?

What are ALL the reasons this is totally possible?

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