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Are you getting in your own way? What does this really mean? And how the heck do we even know? Oh and better yet, how do we get OUT of our own way.

I just asked the question myself and wow my brain had some quick answers. Funny how that works, it was quick and clear.? I get in my own way when: I think less of myself than I ought to, when I pull back because I?m worried about how things will go, and when I?m with others and can?t receive a compliment.?

Sounds a little self-centered but really it isn?t.? As an owner, an entrepreneur we bravely put ourselves out there as leader of the business and leader of our teams.? So it makes sense that getting in our own way would come from those thoughts of self.?

Do stop and ask the question:? Where are you getting in your own way??

See, your brain has some answers as well.? Any negative or limiting thought that makes you pull back, procrastinate, slow down is a culprit of getting in your way of success.

What a gift it would be if we could recognize this form of self-sabotage in our businesses.


Try This: I think it?s pretty simple and it might be surprising.? As business owners, if we are focused on ourselves, we might just be getting in our own way.? That?s it.?

When we overthink, or over worry about how we might do in the next challenge ahead we take our eyes off the best focus ever, what our clients need.? What if the key was to notice when we are stuck in over thinking, worry and negative thinking and simply interrupted our mind and asked, ?What do my clients really need here?? ?What are my clients concerned about??? ?How can I solve what keeps them up at night??

With a Quick Switch of where our Focus we create an Instant Shift that serves us, for sure.

Even as I?m writing this I can feel a switch from an awkward concern on whether this post will be liked or read and dropping into, ?What does my reader need??? IT IS SO CALMING and is CLARIFYING.

I know no better way to bust my own spin cycles than to shift my concern to my clients and what is on their mind and not mine.

Try it the next time you?re feeling distracted and concerned and worried about how things are going in your day???

Get out of your own way

GET the Limiting Thought OUT So you can make YOUR OWN WAY and be Successful.

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