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Get your move on

In my coaching, I rarely give action steps or advice to clients. ?I take time to help my clients to shift their thinking to thoughts that create better emotions that in turn lead to?amazing action-with ease and confidence. ?And this works. ?

However, I’m going to be short and sweet today and I do have?some advice.


However you want to, MOVE.

Not because it burns calories.

Not because you should.

Not because it makes you thin.

Just MOVE……..why?

Because your body?s feedback to moving your body in a gentle way, in an active way is literally?AMAZING.

My first group exercise class after a 3-4 year hiatus almost made me cry.? Because I couldn?t keep up?? NOPE? Because I didn?t like what I saw in the mirror?? NOPE

Because it felt so awesome to stretch, warm up and move my body again.? My body was telling me YES I love when you move me around.? Please don?t leave me alone for so long!!

And frankly I get that feedback at almost every class (I happen to be a groupie) that I attend.? My body says woo hoo, look what we did and boy did THAT feel good.

I?ll tell you a secret, there are times when my body says UH NO!? I recently realized this when I was moving because of a belief that I had to move in an Intense way every day.? It was coming out of a goal of running more and running faster (despite the fact that my Hamstrings hurt like hell after every race)? It came out of a belief that if I didn?t, I was going to gain weight again.? I was quickly getting near to a place where I was going to experience injury.? Frankly, I wasn?t listening to my body.? But oh it feels so much better to be more gentle, to listen to it?s feedback. I?ve started doing this and I?m planning on running again but in a much more beautiful way.? I?ll keep you posted.??

As you are working to make your life healthier, honor your body in the process and get your MOVE ON!!

Do what you love, try a few new things, I DARE YOU!!

Try something, anything!!!

Are ya stuck?? Don?t wanna, DO IT ANYWAY, and see if your body helps you with it?s amazing feedback. ?I promise you your body doesn’t lie, it loves when you take care of it.
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