I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

Excellence comes from competency, skill and some of your natural talent. Your Zone of Genius is that place where you marry that with how you’re wired, where your confidence lives, where you ‘calling’ is. 

How do we access this more often and more easily?

  1. Identify what it feels like to be IN your zone of genius. What does it feel like physically? Write out all of the descriptors of how it feels to be in your zone. 

This creates an emotional memory. We can drop into this anytime we want. It’s like a song that instantly brings you back to the exact moment where you first heard that song, emotionally. This is how I access my zone when I need it. 

Use a portion of your journal to keep describing when you experience this zone of genius where flow and timelessness exists. I even write these on my desk calendar.

  1. Then drop into that Zone when you need it.  When you look at that beautiful to do list or your calendar or your upcoming networking or client call, be sure to drop into those emotions and THEN take action.
  2. Protect your Zone of Genius {Here are some ideas}
  • I’ve  rearranged my calendar to be sure I’m writing when I can easily focus and be in that flow. 
  • I breathe in that confident breath before I get on a call with a client and decide the first question or my plan for that call. 
  • I look at how much I have on my calendar and know that attending too many events because ’I SHOULD’  kills my energy and ability to be in that genius space. 
  • I look at places where my assistant and partner can support me and take tasks that aren’t in my zone.


What results do you experience when you spend more time where you’re designed to serve and work as a business owner? In your zone? This is what I’ve seen:

  • Ideal clients are naturally drawn to you
  • Conversations in networking are authentic
  • Insights occur more naturally with clients and in your planning
  • Work is SO much more enjoyable
  • Energy is renewable (great for those long days)
  • More $$$ For Sure


Drop on in my friend & protect your Zone of Genius. It will not disappoint. I know you’re excellent at what you do, but effortlessness is more available than you think. Give it a whirl.

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