I help business owners who have reached the level of success where business is happening TO them. I help them stop overworking and stay in growth – for themselves, their team, their clients and their lives.

I had the pleasure of listening to a podcast with James Clear, one of my favorite authors (Atomic Habits) and email writers.??Here you go to listen?to a local/author and executive coach, Mo Bunnell interviewing him. His work is so powerful. If you love this I saw a Part 2 of their conversation. I love how he thinks about habits or goals. He talks more about?becoming the person?who would??…be athletic and thin, create more revenue, have a better marriage, be a better leader. He talks about focusing on the target not being very helpful for our moment to moment decisions. This is becoming our future selves one habit, one step at a time.?

Then there is another author I adore, Thomas Sterner, who talks about focusing on the process of getting to a goal versus focusing only on the goal itself. He talks about dropping into the present while you are working, being in the process and present so deeply that you lose track of time.??Dropping into the present?where fear and anxiety don?t live. His book?The Practicing Mind?is my favorite give away, among others.??

I LOVE what they both are teaching. I?ve learned so much from them.?

I think it really matters for our growth, for our well-being. When I focus on a set number goal, I get focused on how the goal will serve me, when I stay in the present moment and decide what type of person I want to be when I?m realizing that goal, I serve others.?

I am NOT against setting a goal. I think our mind needs to know a destination, if we?re wishy washy about the goal, our mind won?t know where to go. But it is the energetic focus we put to it. Right? How is this hitting you?

I think in life it is much more satisfying to me to think about the woman I will become running a bigger business. I think about what type of leader I will need to be to run a bigger team, to manage coaches that work with me, to serve clients deeply and meet their needs.?

THAT is motivating. It?s motivating right here in THIS moment not for a time I?m waiting to happen to me tomorrow.?

THEN I think about dropping into the present moment when I?m on the phone with a client, when I?m writing to you, when I?m creating my new podcast (yes!!!). This is where our creativity flows from.

THIS is the formula to create VALUE and growth in your business while you?re not really looking. Drop into the present, do the mindset work of eradicating the mental obstacles, grow in the small steps, the small moments in the 1 degree shifts to become that next level version of you.

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